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Naoto F. Ishikawa
Naoto F. Ishikawa
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Trích dẫn bởi
High‐resolution food webs based on nitrogen isotopic composition of amino acids
Y Chikaraishi, SA Steffan, NO Ogawa, NF Ishikawa, Y Sasaki, M Tsuchiya, ...
Ecology and Evolution 4 (12), 2423-2449, 2014
Global meta-analysis for controlling factors on carbon stable isotope ratios of lotic periphyton
NF Ishikawa, H Doi, JC Finlay
Oecologia 170 (2), 541-549, 2012
Compound-Specific Radiocarbon Analysis by Elemental Analyzer–Accelerator Mass Spectrometry: Precision and Limitations
N Haghipour, B Ausín, MO Usman, N Ishikawa, L Wacker, C Welte, ...
Analytical Chemistry 91 (3), 2042-2049, 2019
Use of compound-specific nitrogen isotope analysis of amino acids in trophic ecology: assumptions, applications, and implications
NF Ishikawa
Ecological Research 33 (5), 825-837, 2018
Stable nitrogen isotopic composition of amino acids reveals food web structure in stream ecosystems
NF Ishikawa, Y Kato, H Togashi, M Yoshimura, C Yoshimizu, N Okuda, ...
Oecologia 175 (3), 911-922, 2014
Use of carbon-13 and carbon-14 natural abundances for stream food web studies
NF Ishikawa, F Hyodo, I Tayasu
Ecological Research 28 (5), 759-769, 2013
Tracking long‐distance migration of marine fishes using compound‐specific stable isotope analysis of amino acids
J Matsubayashi, Y Osada, K Tadokoro, Y Abe, A Yamaguchi, K Shirai, ...
Ecology Letters 23 (5), 881-890, 2020
Biogeochemical tools for characterizing organic carbon in inland aquatic ecosystems
SL McCallister, NF Ishikawa, DN Kothawala
Limnology and Oceanography Letters 3 (6), 444-457, 2018
A new analytical method for determination of the nitrogen isotopic composition of methionine: Its application to aquatic ecosystems with mixed resources
NF Ishikawa, Y Chikaraishi, Y Takano, Y Sasaki, Y Takizawa, M Tsuchiya, ...
Limnology and Oceanography: Methods 16 (9), 607-620, 2018
Carbon storage reservoirs in watersheds support stream food webs via periphyton production
NF Ishikawa, M Uchida, Y Shibata, I Tayasu
Ecology 95 (5), 1264-1271, 2014
Chlorophyll a-specific Δ14C, δ13C and δ15N values in stream periphyton: implications for aquatic food web studies
NF Ishikawa, M Yamane, H Suga, NO Ogawa, Y Yokoyama, N Ohkouchi
Biogeosciences 12 (22), 6781-6789, 2015
Sources of dissolved inorganic carbon in two small streams with different bedrock geology: insights from carbon isotopes
NF Ishikawa, I Tayasu, M Yamane, Y Yokoyama, S Sakai, N Ohkouchi
Radiocarbon 57 (3), 439-448, 2015
Improved method for isolation and purification of underivatized amino acids for radiocarbon analysis
NF Ishikawa, Y Itahashi, TM Blattmann, Y Takano, NO Ogawa, M Yamane, ...
Analytical Chemistry 90 (20), 12035-12041, 2018
Terrestrial–aquatic linkage in stream food webs along a forest chronosequence: multi‐isotopic evidence
NF Ishikawa, H Togashi, Y Kato, M Yoshimura, Y Kohmatsu, C Yoshimizu, ...
Ecology 97 (5), 1146-1158, 2016
A method for stable carbon isotope measurement of underivatized individual amino acids by multi‐dimensional high‐performance liquid chromatography and elemental analyzer …
Y Sun, NF Ishikawa, NO Ogawa, H Kawahata, Y Takano, N Ohkouchi
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 34 (20), e8885, 2020
Liquid chromatographic isolation of individual amino acids extracted from sediments for radiocarbon analysis
TM Blattmann, DB Montluçon, N Haghipour, NF Ishikawa, TI Eglinton
Frontiers in Marine Science 7, 174, 2020
A new application of radiocarbon (14C) concentrations to stream food web analysis
NF Ishikawa, M Uchida, Y Shibata, I Tayasu
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2010
Using food network unfolding to evaluate food–web complexity in terms of biodiversity: theory and applications
Y Kato, M Kondoh, NF Ishikawa, H Togashi, Y Kohmatsu, M Yoshimura, ...
Ecology Letters 21, 1065-1074, 2018
Integrated trophic position decreases in more diverse communities of stream food webs
NF Ishikawa, Y Chikaraishi, N Ohkouchi, AR Murakami, I Tayasu, ...
Scientific Reports 7, 2130, 2017
Natural C-14 provides new data for stream food-web studies: a comparison with C-13 in multiple stream habitats
NF Ishikawa, M Uchida, Y Shibata, I Tayasu
Marine and Freshwater Research 63 (3), 210-217, 2012
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