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Ngan Roan Thi
Ngan Roan Thi
PhD, Hanoi University of Civil Engineering
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Trích dẫn bởi
H-max distance measure of intuitionistic fuzzy sets in decision making
RT Ngan, BC Cuong, M Ali
Applied soft computing 69, 393-425, 2018
A new representation of intuitionistic fuzzy systems and their applications in critical decision making
RT Ngan, M Ali, H Fujita, M Abdel-Basset, NL Giang, G Manogaran, ...
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A classification of representable t-norm operators for picture fuzzy sets
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δ-equality of intuitionistic fuzzy sets: a new proximity measure and applications in medical diagnosis
RT Ngan, M Ali, LH Son
Applied Intelligence 48, 499-525, 2018
An involutive picture fuzzy negator on picture fuzzy sets and some De Morgan triples
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The picture fuzzy distance measure in controlling network power consumption
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Medical diagnosis from images with intuitionistic fuzzy distance measures
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NT Roan, F Smarandache
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Some algebraic properties of picture fuzzy t-norms and picture fuzzy t-conorms on standard neutrosophic sets
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H-max distance measure of bipolar neutrosophic sets and an application to medical diagnosis
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A New Entropy of Dynamical Systems in Complex Intuitionistic Fuzzy Environment
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Priyan,“A New Representation of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Systems and Their Applications in Critical Decision Making”
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Linguistic approach in medical diagnosis
PH Phong, RT Ngan
2016 Eighth International Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering …, 2016
A classification into subclasses of intuitionistic t-norms and t-conorms for intuitionistic fuzzy sets
RT Ngan
UED Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities and Education 6 (2), 19-28, 2016
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