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Nadjem Bailek
Nadjem Bailek
Tên khácN.Bailek, Bailek, N
The African University Ahmed Draia of Adrar
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Trích dẫn bởi
Sunshine duration measurements and predictions in Saharan Algeria region: an improved ensemble learning approach
ESM El-kenawy, A Ibrahim, N Bailek, K Bouchouicha, MA Hassan, ...
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 147 (3), 1015-1031, 2022
A new empirical model for forecasting the diffuse solar radiation over Sahara in the Algerian Big South
N Bailek, K Bouchouicha, Z Al-Mostafa, M El-Shimy, N Aoun, A Slimani, ...
Renewable Energy 117 (0960-1481), 530-537, 2018
Ultra-short-term exogenous forecasting of photovoltaic power production using genetically optimized non-linear auto-regressive recurrent neural networks
MA Hassan, N Bailek, K Bouchouicha, SC Nwokolo
Renewable Energy 171, 191-209, 2021
Hourly predictions of direct normal irradiation using an innovative hybrid LSTM model for concentrating solar power projects in hyper-arid regions
A Djaafari, A Ibrahim, N Bailek, K Bouchouicha, MA Hassan, A Kuriqi, ...
Energy Reports 8, 15548-15562, 2022
Feature selection and classification of transformer faults based on novel meta-heuristic algorithm
ESM El-kenawy, F Albalawi, SA Ward, SSM Ghoneim, MM Eid, ...
Mathematics 10 (17), 3144, 2022
Hybrid Ensemble-Learning Approach for Renewable Energy Resources Evaluation in Algeria
ESM El-Kenawy, A Ibrahim, N Bailek, K Bouchouicha, MA Hassan, ...
Computers, Materials & Continua 71 (3), 5837-5854, 2022
Data-driven models for predicting solar radiation in semi-arid regions
M Jamei, N Bailek, K Bouchouicha, MA Hassan, A Elbeltagi, A Kuriqi, ...
Computers, Materials and Continua 74 (1), 1625-1640, 2023
Prediction of Diseases in Smart Healthcare System Using Machine Learning
N Bailek, M Saber
Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Metaheuristics (JAIM) 3 (02), 48-55, 2023
Optimized fixed tilt for incident solar energy maximization on flat surfaces located in the Algerian Big South
N Bailek, K Bouchouicha, N Aoun, M EL-Shimy, B Jamil, A Mostafaeipour
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 28, 96-102, 2018
Estimating the global solar irradiation and optimizing the error estimates under Algerian desert climate
K Bouchouicha, MA Hassan, N Bailek, N Aoun
Renewable Energy 139, 844-858, 2019
Total solar irradiance's effect on the performance of empirical models for estimating global solar radiation: An empirical-based review
J Almorox, C Voyant, N Bailek, A Kuriqi, JA Arnaldo
Energy 236, 121486, 2021
Forecasting intra-hour variance of photovoltaic power using a new integrated model
Mawloud Guermoui, Kada Bouchouicha, Nadjem Bailek, John W. Boland
Energy Conversion and Management 245, 2021
Evaluation of energy extraction of PV systems affected by environmental factors under real outdoor conditions
MA Hassan, N Bailek, K Bouchouicha, A Ibrahim, B Jamil, A Kuriqi, ...
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 150 (1), 715-729, 2022
Economics of Variable Renewable Sources for Electric Power Production
M EL-Shimy, H Balcioglu, K Soyer, MA Abdelraheem, M Said, M Noor, ...
Lambert Academic Publishing / Omniscriptum Gmbh & Company Kg, Editor …, 2017
A Recommendation System for Electric Vehicles Users Based on Restricted Boltzmann Machine and WaterWheel Plant Algorithms
A. Ibrahim, E.-S.M. El-Kenawy, M.M. Eid, A.A. Abdelhamid, M. El-Said, A.H ...
IEEE Access, 2023
Evaluation of mathematical methods to characterize the electrical parameters of photovoltaic modules
N Aoun, N Bailek
Energy Conversion and Management 193, 25-38, 2019
Implicit regression-based correlations to predict the back temperature of PV modules in the arid region of South Algeria
N Bailek, K Bouchouicha, MA Hassan, A Slimani, B Jamil
Renewable Energy, 2020
Estimation of Monthly Average Daily Global Solar Radiation Using Meteorological-based Models in Adrar, Algeria
K Bouchouicha, N Bailek, ME Mahmoud, JA Alonso, A Slimani, A djaafari
Applied Solar Energy 54 (6), 448–455, 2018
Improved weighted ensemble learning for predicting the daily reference evapotranspiration under the semi-arid climate conditions
ESM El-Kenawy, B Zerouali, N Bailek, K Bouchouich, MA Hassan, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29 (54), 81279-81299, 2022
Adjustment of the Angstrom-Prescott equation from Campbell-Stokes and Kipp-Zonen sunshine measures at different timescales in Spain
J Almorox, JA Arnaldo, N Bailek, P Martí
Renewable Energy 154, 337-350, 2020
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