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Hafiz Muhammad Ali
Hafiz Muhammad Ali
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Trích dẫn bởi
Thermal conductivity of hybrid nanofluids: a critical review
MU Sajid, HM Ali
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 126, 211-234, 2018
Recent advances on thermal conductivity enhancement of phase change materials for energy storage system: a review
ZA Qureshi, HM Ali, S Khushnood
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 127, 838-856, 2018
Recent advances in application of nanofluids in heat transfer devices: a critical review
MU Sajid, HM Ali
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 103, 556-592, 2019
A critical review on heat transfer augmentation of phase change materials embedded with porous materials/foams
HM Ali, MM Janjua, U Sajjad, WM Yan
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 135, 649-673, 2019
Recent advancements in PV cooling and efficiency enhancement integrating phase change materials based systems–A comprehensive review
HM Ali
Solar Energy 197, 163-198, 2020
Towards hybrid nanofluids: preparation, thermophysical properties, applications, and challenges
H Babar, HM Ali
Journal of Molecular Liquids 281, 598-633, 2019
Applications of hybrid nanofluids in solar energy, practical limitations and challenges: a critical review
TR Shah, HM Ali
Solar energy 183, 173-203, 2019
Experimental investigation of convective heat transfer augmentation for car radiator using ZnO–water nanofluids
HM Ali, H Ali, H Liaquat, HTB Maqsood, MA Nadir
Energy 84, 317-324, 2015
Thermal performance of phase change material (PCM) based pin-finned heat sinks for electronics devices: Effect of pin thickness and PCM volume fraction
A Arshad, HM Ali, M Ali, S Manzoor
Applied Thermal Engineering 112, 143-155, 2017
Recent advances on the fundamental physical phenomena behind stability, dynamic motion, thermophysical properties, heat transport, applications, and challenges of nanofluids
Z Said, LS Sundar, AK Tiwari, HM Ali, M Sheikholeslami, E Bellos, ...
Physics Reports 946, 1-94, 2022
Nanoparticles enhanced phase change materials (NePCMs)-A recent review
SL Tariq, HM Ali, MA Akram, MM Janjua, M Ahmadlouydarab
Applied Thermal Engineering 176, 115305, 2020
Carbon nanotube nanofluid in enhancing the efficiency of evacuated tube solar collector
IM Mahbubul, MMA Khan, NI Ibrahim, HM Ali, FA Al-Sulaiman, R Saidur
Renewable energy 121, 36-44, 2018
Thermal management and uniform temperature regulation of photovoltaic modules using hybrid phase change materials-nanofluids system
A Hassan, A Wahab, MA Qasim, MM Janjua, MA Ali, HM Ali, TR Jadoon, ...
Renewable Energy 145, 282-293, 2020
Vegetable oil-based nanofluid minimum quantity lubrication turning: Academic review and perspectives
X Wang, C Li, Y Zhang, W Ding, M Yang, T Gao, H Cao, X Xu, D Wang, ...
Journal of Manufacturing Processes 59, 76-97, 2020
Water cooled minichannel heat sinks for microprocessor cooling: Effect of fin spacing
SA Jajja, W Ali, HM Ali, AM Ali
Applied Thermal Engineering 64 (1-2), 76-82, 2014
Preparation Techniques of TiO2 Nanofluids and Challenges: A Review
HM Ali, H Babar, TR Shah, MU Sajid, MA Qasim, S Javed
Applied Sciences 8 (4), 587, 2018
Experimental investigation of heat transfer and pressure drop in a straight minichannel heat sink using TiO2 nanofluid
W Arshad, HM Ali
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 110, 248-256, 2017
Evaluation of solar collector designs with integrated latent heat thermal energy storage: A review
MMA Khan, NI Ibrahim, IM Mahbubul, HM Ali, R Saidur, FA Al-Sulaiman
Solar Energy 166, 334-350, 2018
Thermal management of electronics devices with PCMs filled pin-fin heat sinks: a comparison
HM Ali, A Arshad, M Jabbal, PG Verdin
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 117, 1199-1204, 2018
Minimum quantity lubrication machining of aeronautical materials using carbon group nanolubricant: from mechanisms to application
CUI Xin, LI Changhe, D Wenfeng, C Yun, MAO Cong, XU Xuefeng, LIU Bo, ...
Chinese Journal of Aeronautics 35 (11), 85-112, 2022
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