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Frederic Masson
Frederic Masson
strasbourg or montpellier or karlsruhe or chevron
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Trích dẫn bởi
A GPS network for tropospheric tomography in the framework of the Mediterranean hydrometeorological observatory Cévennes-Vivarais (southeastern France)
H Brenot, A Walpersdorf, M Reverdy, J Van Baelen, V Ducrocq, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 7 (2), 553-578, 2014
Uplift around the geothermal power plant of Landau (Germany) as observed by InSAR monitoring
C Heimlich, N Gourmelen, F Masson, J Schmittbuhl, SW Kim, J Azzola
Geothermal Energy 3 (1), 1-12, 2015
Complete gravity field of an ellipsoidal prism by Gauss–Legendre quadrature
C Roussel, J Verdun, J Cali, F Masson
Geophysical Supplements to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical …, 2015
Recent tectonics of East (Iranian) Azerbaijan from stress state reconstructions
B Zamani, F Masson
Tectonophysics 611, 61-82, 2014
Recent land subsidence caused by the rapid urban development in the Hanoi urban region (Vietnam) using ALOS InSAR data
VK Dang, C Doubre, C Weber, F Masson, N Gourmelen
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss 1, 6155-6197, 2013
Investigating possible gravity change rates expected from long-term deep crustal processes in Taiwan
M Mouyen, M Simoes, F Mouthereau, F Masson, C Hwang, CC Cheng
Geophysical Journal International 198 (1), 187-197, 2014
Upper bounds of deformation in the Upper Rhine Graben from GPS data-First results from GURN (GNSS Upper Rhine Graben Network)
F Masson, A Knoepfler, M Mayer, P Ulrich, B Heck
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 4516, 2010
Erratum: Seismic and aseismic deformation along the East African Rift System from a reanalysis of the GPS velocity field of Africa
A Déprez, C Doubre, F Masson, P Ulrich
Geophysical Journal International 200 (1), 556-556, 2014
An analysis of seismic hazard in the Upper Rhine Graben enlightened by the example of the New Madrid seismic zone.
C Doubre, F Masson, S Mazzotti, M Meghraoui
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 4437, 2014
GPS water vapor tomography: first results from the ESCOMPTE field experiment
F Masson, C Champollion, MN Bouin, A Walpersdorf, J Van Baelen, ...
EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly, 4488, 2003
A high-resolution gravity map of the Mont-Blanc massif: structural consequences.
F Masson, F Gal, PH Leloup
COMPTES RENDUS GEOSCIENCE 334 (14), 1011-1019, 2002
Comparison of Gravitational Effects of Earth's Lithosphere Calculated from GOCE Satellite Gravity Data and LITHO1. 0 Global Geophysical Model
JLM Verdun, C Roussel, J Cali, F Masson
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2014, G23C-02, 2014
Modeling of GPS velocities across the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta-Burma Arc oblique subduction system
MS Steckler, DR Mondal, SH Akhter, L Seeber, L Feng, J Gale, M Howe, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2014, T13D-08, 2014
New geodetic constraints on strain accumulation along the North Anatolian Fault from the Karliova Triple Junction to the N Aegean Trough
S Ergintav, Z Cakir, H Ozener, RW King, F Masson, M Floyd, EA Hetland, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2014, T34B-08, 2014
New geodetic measurements in central Afar constraining the Arabia-Somalia-Nubia triple junction kinematics
C Doubre, A Deprez, F Masson, A Socquet, E Lewi, R Grandin, E Calais, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2014, G11B-0497, 2014
Strain Rate Tensor in the Euro-mediterranean Domain from GPS data
Y Ziegler, F Masson
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 2718, 2014
Study of the deformation in Central Afar using InSAR NSBAS chain
A Deprez, C Doubre, R Grandin, I Saad, F Masson, A Socquet
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2013, T21A-2514, 2013
Monitoring and near-real time forecasting of landslide surface displacements using continuous GNSS observations and a combined statistical-mechanical model: the service of the …
J Malet, A Deprez, S Bernardie, N Desramaut, P Ulrich, F Masson, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2013, NH24A-04, 2013
Block model at the Hatay Triple junction in NW Syria and SE Turkey from GPS data inversion
Y Mahmoud, Z Cakir, F Masson, M Meghraoui
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EGU2013-11135, 2013
Study of the active deformation of Mitidja (Tell Atlas, Algeria) by GPS
W Bacha, F Masson, A Yelles-Chaouche, K Lammali, A Bellik, L Hamai
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EGU2013-9581, 2013
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