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Jaeyeop Choi
Jaeyeop Choi
Pukyong National University
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Trích dẫn bởi
A flexible, wearable, and wireless biosensor patch with internet of medical things applications
DT Phan, CH Nguyen, TDP Nguyen, LH Tran, S Park, J Choi, B Lee, J Oh
Biosensors 12 (3), 139, 2022
Rare earth element doped hydroxyapatite luminescent bioceramics contrast agent for enhanced biomedical imaging and therapeutic applications
S Mondal, S Park, J Choi, TMT Vo, JH Shin, YH Kang, J Oh
Ceramics International 46 (18), 29249-29260, 2020
Real-time filtering and ECG signal processing based on dual-core digital signal controller system
NT Bui, DT Phan, TP Nguyen, G Hoang, J Choi, QC Bui, J Oh
IEEE Sensors Journal 20 (12), 6492-6503, 2020
Bioactive, luminescent erbium-doped hydroxyapatite nanocrystals for biomedical applications
S Mondal, S Park, J Choi, LH Tran, M Yi, JH Shin, CY Lee, J Oh
Ceramics international 46 (10), 16020-16031, 2020
Rice starch coated iron oxide nanoparticles: A theranostic probe for photoacoustic imaging-guided photothermal cancer therapy
TMT Vo, S Mondal, S Park, J Choi, NT Bui, J Oh
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 183, 55-67, 2021
Fluorescence/photoacoustic imaging-guided nanomaterials for highly efficient cancer theragnostic agent
VHM Doan, VT Nguyen, S Mondal, TMT Vo, CD Ly, DD Vu, GY Ataklti, ...
Scientific reports 11 (1), 15943, 2021
Full-view in vivo skin and blood vessels profile segmentation in photoacoustic imaging based on deep learning
CD Ly, TH Vo, S Mondal, S Park, J Choi, TTH Vu, CS Kim, J Oh
Photoacoustics 25, 100310, 2022
A smart LED therapy device with an automatic facial acne vulgaris diagnosis based on deep learning and internet of things application
DT Phan, QB Ta, TC Huynh, TH Vo, CH Nguyen, S Park, J Choi, J Oh
Computers in biology and medicine 136, 104610, 2021
Development of a LED light therapy device with power density control using a fuzzy logic controller
DT Phan, NT Bui, TH Vo, S Park, J Choi, S Mondal, BG Kim, J Oh
Medical Engineering & Physics 86, 71-77, 2020
Hydroxyapatite: a journey from biomaterials to advanced functional materials
S Mondal, S Park, J Choi, TTH Vu, VHM Doan, TT Vo, B Lee, J Oh
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, 103013, 2023
Computational analysis of drug free silver triangular nanoprism theranostic probe plasmonic behavior for in-situ tumor imaging and photothermal therapy
S Mondal, JL Montaño-Priede, S Park, J Choi, VHM Doan, TMT Vo, TH Vo, ...
Journal of Advanced Research 41, 23-38, 2022
A flexible, and wireless LED therapy patch for skin wound photomedicine with IoT-connected healthcare application
DT Phan, S Mondal, LH Tran, VTM Thien, H Van Nguyen, CH Nguyen, ...
Flexible and Printed Electronics 6 (4), 045002, 2021
Design of a nearly linear-phase IIR filter and JPEG compression ECG signal in real-time system
NT Bui, TMT Nguyen, S Park, J Choi, TMT Vo, YH Kang, BG Kim, J Oh
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 67, 102431, 2021
The impact of Cu (II) ions doping in nanostructured hydroxyapatite powder: A finite element modelling study for physico-mechanical and biological property evaluation
S Park, J Choi, S Mondal, TMT Vo, H Lee, SY Nam, CS Kim, J Oh
Advanced Powder Technology 33 (2), 103405, 2022
Ultra-widefield photoacoustic microscopy with a dual-channel slider-crank laser-scanning apparatus for in vivo biomedical study
NTP Truong, J Choi, S Park, CD Ly, SW Cho, S Mondal, HG Lim, CS Kim, ...
Photoacoustics 23, 100274, 2021
Fluorescence conjugated nanostructured cobalt-doped hydroxyapatite platform for imaging-guided drug delivery application
VHM Doan, S Mondal, TMT Vo, CD Ly, DD Vu, S Park, J Choi, J Oh
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 214, 112458, 2022
Smart low level laser therapy system for automatic facial dermatological disorder diagnosis
DT Phan, QB Ta, CD Ly, CH Nguyen, S Park, J Choi, HO Se, J Oh
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics 27 (3), 1546-1557, 2023
Fuzzy logic control-based HIFU system integrated with photoacoustic imaging module for ex vivo artificial tumor treatment
VHM Doan, VT Nguyen, J Choi, S Park, J Oh
Applied Sciences 10 (21), 7888, 2020
Development of fast photoacoustic and ultrasound imaging system based on slider-crank scanner for small animals and humans study
CD Ly, J Choi, S Park, S Mondal, TH Vo, HG Lim, J Oh
Expert Systems with Applications 206, 117939, 2022
Design, fabrication, and evaluation of multifocal point transducer for high-frequency ultrasound applications
TP Nguyen, NTP Truong, NQ Bui, VT Nguyen, G Hoang, J Choi, ...
Sensors 19 (3), 609, 2019
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