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Ioanna Ilia
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Comparison of a logistic regression and Naïve Bayes classifier in landslide susceptibility assessments: The influence of models complexity and training dataset size.
P Tsangaratos, I Ilia
Application of fuzzy weight of evidence and data mining techniques in construction of flood susceptibility map of Poyang County, China
H Hong, P Tsangaratos, I Ilia, J Liu, AX Zhu, W Chen
Science of the total environment 625, 575-588, 2018
Applying population-based evolutionary algorithms and a neuro-fuzzy system for modeling landslide susceptibility
W Chen, M Panahi, P Tsangaratos, H Shahabi, I Ilia, S Panahi, S Li, ...
Catena 172, 212-231, 2019
Landslide susceptibility mapping using a modified decision tree classifier in the Xanthi Perfection, Greece
P Tsangaratos, I Ilia
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Applying Information Theory and GIS-based quantitative methods to produce landslide susceptibility maps in Nancheng County, China
P Tsangaratos, I Ilia, H Hong, W Chen, C Xu
Landslides 14, 1091-1111, 2017
Applying weight of evidence method and sensitivity analysis to produce a landslide susceptibility map
I Ilia, P Tsangaratos
Landslides 13, 379-397, 2016
Applying genetic algorithms to set the optimal combination of forest fire related variables and model forest fire susceptibility based on data mining models. The case of Dayu …
H Hong, P Tsangaratos, I Ilia, J Liu, AX Zhu, C Xu
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A hybrid fuzzy weight of evidence method in landslide susceptibility analysis on the Wuyuan area, China
H Hong, I Ilia, P Tsangaratos, W Chen, C Xu
Geomorphology 290, 1-16, 2017
Groundwater spring potential mapping using population-based evolutionary algorithms and data mining methods
W Chen, P Tsangaratos, I Ilia, Z Duan, X Chen
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Evaluating the usage of tree-based ensemble methods in groundwater spring potential mapping
W Chen, X Zhao, P Tsangaratos, H Shahabi, I Ilia, W Xue, X Wang, ...
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Groundwater spring potential mapping using artificial intelligence approach based on kernel logistic regression, random forest, and alternating decision tree models
W Chen, Y Li, P Tsangaratos, H Shahabi, I Ilia, W Xue, H Bian
Applied Sciences 10 (2), 425, 2020
Introducing a novel multi-layer perceptron network based on stochastic gradient descent optimized by a meta-heuristic algorithm for landslide susceptibility mapping
H Hong, P Tsangaratos, I Ilia, C Loupasakis, Y Wang
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Mineralogy and technical properties of clayey diatomites from north and central Greece
I Ilia, M Stamatakis, T Perraki
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Combining evolutionary algorithms and machine learning models in landslide susceptibility assessments
W Chen, Y Chen, P Tsangaratos, I Ilia, X Wang
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Developing a landslide susceptibility map based on remote sensing, fuzzy logic and expert knowledge of the Island of Lefkada, Greece
P Tsangaratos, C Loupasakis, K Nikolakopoulos, V Angelitsa, I Ilia
Environmental earth sciences 77, 1-23, 2018
Land subsidence phenomena investigated by spatiotemporal analysis of groundwater resources, remote sensing techniques, and random forest method: The case of Western Thessaly …
I Ilia, C Loupasakis, P Tsangaratos
Environmental monitoring and assessment 190, 1-19, 2018
Comparing the performance of a logistic regression and a random forest model in landslide susceptibility assessments. The Case of Wuyaun Area, China
H Hong, P Tsangaratos, I Ilia, W Chen, C Xu
Advancing Culture of Living with Landslides: Volume 2 Advances in Landslide …, 2017
A geographical information system (GIS) based probabilistic certainty factor approach in assessing landslide susceptibility: the case study of Kimi, Euboea, Greece
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Case event system for landslide susceptibility analysis
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Landslide Science and Practice: Volume 1: Landslide Inventory and …, 2013
Application of a bayesian approach in GIS based model for evaluating landslide susceptibility. Case study KIMI area, Euboea, Greece
Ι Ηλιά, Π Τσαγκαράτος, ΙΕ Κουμαντάκης, ΔΕ Ρόζος
Δελτίον της Ελληνικής Γεωλογικής Εταιρίας 43 (3), 1590-1600, 2010
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