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Amy M. Lerner
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An obsolete dichotomy? Rethinking the rural–urban interface in terms of food security and production in the global south
AM Lerner, H Eakin
The Geographical Journal 177 (4), 311-320, 2011
Researching farmer behaviour in climate change adaptation and sustainable agriculture: Lessons learned from five case studies
G Feola, AM Lerner, M Jain, MJF Montefrio, KA Nicholas
Journal of Rural Studies 39, 74-84, 2015
Child malnutrition and climate in Sub-Saharan Africa: An analysis of recent trends in Kenya
K Grace, F Davenport, C Funk, AM Lerner
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Urban resilience efforts must consider social and political forces
H Eakin, LA Bojórquez-Tapia, MA Janssen, M Georgescu, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (2), 186-189, 2017
Adaptive capacity in evolving peri-urban spaces: Responses to flood risk in the Upper Lerma River Valley, Mexico
H Eakin, AM Lerner, F Murtinho
Global Environmental Change 20 (1), 14-22, 2010
Adapting to risk and perpetuating poverty: Household’s strategies for managing flood risk and water scarcity in Mexico City
H Eakin, AM Lerner, D Manuel-Navarrete, BH Aguilar, A Martínez-Canedo, ...
Environmental Science & Policy 66, 324-333, 2016
Sustainable cattle ranching in practice: moving from theory to planning in Colombia’s livestock sector
AM Lerner, AF Zuluaga, J Chará, A Etter, T Searchinger
Environmental management 60, 176-184, 2017
Understanding peri-urban maize production through an examination of household livelihoods in the Toluca Metropolitan Area, Mexico
AM Lerner, H Eakin, S Sweeney
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TK Rudel, B Paul, D White, IM Rao, R Van Der Hoek, A Castro, M Boval, ...
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AM Lerner, TK Rudel, LC Schneider, M McGroddy, DV Burbano, CF Mena
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Carbon stocks in silvopastoral systems: a study from four communities in southeastern Ecuador
ME McGroddy, AM Lerner, DV Burbano, LC Schneider, TK Rudel
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AM Lerner, K Appendini
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Governing the gaps in water governance and land-use planning in a megacity: The example of hydrological risk in Mexico City
AM Lerner, HC Eakin, E Tellman, JC Bausch, BH Aguilar
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Agricultural change and resilience: Agricultural policy, climate trends and market integration in the Mexican maize system
H Eakin, S Sweeney, AM Lerner, K Appendini, H Perales, DG Steigerwald, ...
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Transferring sustainability solutions across contexts through city–university partnerships
L Withycombe Keeler, FD Beaudoin, AM Lerner, B John, R Beecroft, ...
Sustainability 10 (9), 2966, 2018
Building actor-centric transformative capacity through city-university partnerships
LW Keeler, F Beaudoin, A Wiek, B John, AM Lerner, R Beecroft, K Tamm, ...
Ambio 48, 529-538, 2019
Do smallholder, mixed crop-livestock livelihoods encourage sustainable agricultural practices? A meta-analysis
TK Rudel, OJ Kwon, BK Paul, M Boval, IM Rao, D Burbano, M McGroddy, ...
Land 5 (1), 6, 2016
Assessing the historical adaptive cycles of an urban social-ecological system and its potential future resilience: the case of Xochimilco, Mexico City
M Jiménez, P Pérez-Belmont, M Schewenius, AM Lerner, M Mazari-Hiriart
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Grand challenges in urban agriculture: ecological and social approaches to transformative sustainability
KS Zimmerer, MG Bell, I Chirisa, CS Duvall, M Egerer, PY Hung, ...
Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 5, 668561, 2021
A qualitative investigation of childbearing and seasonal hunger in peri-urban Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
K Grace, AM Lerner, J Mikal, G Sangli
Population and Environment 38, 369-380, 2017
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