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Devina Verma
Devina Verma
department of pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jamia Hamdard
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Trích dẫn bởi
Topotecan–tamoxifen duple PLGA polymeric nanoparticles: investigation of in vitro, in vivo and cellular uptake potential
T Khuroo, D Verma, S Talegaonkar, S Padhi, AK Panda, Z Iqbal
International journal of pharmaceutics 473 (1-2), 384-394, 2014
Design expert assisted nanoformulation design for co-delivery of topotecan and thymoquinone: Optimization, in vitro characterization and stability assessment
D Verma, PS Thakur, S Padhi, T Khuroo, S Talegaonkar, Z Iqbal
Journal of Molecular Liquids 242, 382-394, 2017
Revisiting the nanoformulation design approach for effective delivery of topotecan in its stable form: an appraisal of its in vitro Behavior and tumor amelioration …
S Padhi, MA Mirza, D Verma, T Khuroo, AK Panda, S Talegaonkar, ...
Drug Delivery 23 (8), 2827-2837, 2016
A vaginal drug delivery model
MA Mirza, AK Panda, S Asif, D Verma, S Talegaonkar, N Manzoor, ...
Drug delivery 23 (8), 3123-3134, 2016
Formulation and optimization of topotecan nanoparticles: in vitro characterization, cytotoxicity, cellular uptake and pharmacokinetic outcomes
S Padhi, R Kapoor, D Verma, AK Panda, Z Iqbal
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 183, 222-232, 2018
Simultaneous delivery of paclitaxel and erlotinib from dual drug loaded PLGA nanoparticles: Formulation development, thorough optimization and in vitro release
T Khuroo, D Verma, A Khuroo, A Ali, Z Iqbal
Journal of Molecular Liquids 257, 52-68, 2018
Development and optimization of ketoconazole loaded nano-transfersomal gel for vaginal delivery using Box-Behnken design: In vitro, ex vivo characterization and antimicrobial …
S Singh, D Verma, MA Mirza, AK Das, MK Anwer, Y Sultana, ...
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology 39, 95-103, 2017
Single small enhancing computed tomographic (CT) lesions in Indian patients with new-onset seizures. A prospective follow-up in 75 patients
MK Singh, RK Garg, G Nath, DN Verma, S Misra
Seizure 10 (8), 573-578, 2001
Development of ethosomal gel of ranolazine for improved topical delivery: in vitro and ex vivo evaluation
D Bisht, D Verma, MA Mirza, MK Anwer, Z Iqbal
Journal of molecular liquids 225, 475-481, 2017
Exploration of nanoethosomal transgel of naproxen sodium for the treatment of arthritis
F Anjum, F Zakir, D Verma, M Aqil, M Singh, P Jain, MA Mirza, MK Anwer, ...
Current Drug Delivery 17 (10), 885-897, 2020
Nanopotentiated combination cancer therapy: Chemotherapeutic and chemosensitizer (2C approach)
D Verma, T Khuroo, S Talegaonkar, Z Iqbal
Medical Hypotheses 84 (6), 580-582, 2015
Design of expert guided investigation of native L-asparaginase encapsulated long-acting cross-linker-free poly (lactic-co-glycolic) acid nanoformulation in an Ehrlich ascites …
M Singh, N Hassan, D Verma, P Thakur, BP Panda, AK Panda, ...
Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal 28 (6), 719-728, 2020
Revisiting the nanoformulation design approach for effective delivery of topotecan in its stable form: an appraisal of its in vitro behavior and tumor amelioration potential …
S Padhi, M Mirza, D Verma, T Khuroo, A Panda, S Talegaonkar
Extraction of a water soluble bioactive hypoxoside and its development into an ethosomal system for deep dermal delivery
S Menon, D Verma, T Khuroo, S Talegaonkar, Z Iqbal
Int. J. Pharm. Pharm. Sci 7, 211-215, 2015
Development and validation of reversed phase HPLC method for the simultaneous detection of lactone and carboxylate forms of topotecan along with thymoquinone: application to …
D Verma, MA Mirza, M Taleuzzaman, T Khuroo, S Talegaonkar, R Kumar, ...
Journal of analytical chemistry 75, 503-509, 2020
Investigation of ethosomes as surrogate carriers for bioactives
D Verma, T Khuroo, S Talegaonkar, Z Iqbal
Drug Development and Therapeutics 7 (2), 125-125, 2016
Nanopotentiation of propolis for revocation of enzyme imbalance in UVB induced cutaneous toxicity in murine model: A preliminary study for chemoprotection of skin cancer
D Verma, M Mirza, S Talegaonkar, FJ Ahmed, Z Iqbal
Drug Delivery Letters 3 (1), 70-77, 2013
D Bisht, D Verma, MA Mirza, MK Anwer, Z Iqbal
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