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Kiichiro Kawamura
Kiichiro Kawamura
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Hadal disturbance in the Japan Trench induced by the 2011 Tohoku–Oki Earthquake
K Oguri, K Kawamura, A Sakaguchi, T Toyofuku, T Kasaya, M Murayama, ...
Scientific Reports 3 (1), 1915, 2013
Tsunami-generated turbidity current of the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake
K Arai, H Naruse, R Miura, K Kawamura, R Hino, Y Ito, D Inazu, ...
Geology 41 (11), 1195-1198, 2013
Extension of continental crust by anelastic deformation during the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake: The role of extensional faulting in the generation of a great tsunami
T Tsuji, K Kawamura, T Kanamatsu, T Kasaya, K Fujikura, Y Ito, T Tsuru, ...
Earth and planetary science letters 364, 44-58, 2013
Large submarine landslides in the Japan Trench: A new scenario for additional tsunami generation
K Kawamura, T Sasaki, T Kanamatsu, A Sakaguchi, Y Ogawa
Geophysical Research Letters 39 (5), 2012
A slump in the trench: Tracking the impact of the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake
M Strasser, M Kölling, CS Ferreira, HG Fink, T Fujiwara, S Henkel, ...
Geology 41 (8), 935-938, 2013
Geochemistry of deep sea sediments at cold seep sites in the Nankai Trough: insights into the effect of anaerobic oxidation of methane
H Sato, K Hayashi, Y Ogawa, K Kawamura
Marine Geology 323, 47-55, 2012
A new type of intra-plate volcanism; young alkali-basalts discovered from the subducting Pacific Plate, northern Japan Trench.
Y Hirano, N., Kawamura, K., Hattori, M., Saito, K. and Ogawa
Geophysical Research Letters 28 (14), 2719-2722, 2001
Bathymetric patterns of meiofaunal abundance and biomass associated with the Kuril and Ryukyu trenches, western North Pacific Ocean
M Itoh, K Kawamura, T Kitahashi, S Kojima, H Katagiri, M Shimanaga
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 58 (1), 86-97, 2011
Submarine mass movements and their consequences
Y Yamada, K Kawamura, K Ikehara, Y Ogawa, R Urgeles, D Mosher, ...
Submarine mass movements and their consequences: 5th international symposium …, 2012
Potential tsunamigenic submarine landslides in active margins
K Kawamura, JS Laberg, T Kanamatsu
Marine Geology 356, 44-49, 2014
Structural architecture and active deformation of the Nankai Accretionary Prism, Japan: Submersible survey results from the Tenryu Submarine CanyonOngoing formation of the …
K Kawamura, Y Ogawa, R Anma, S Yokoyama, S Kawakami, Y Dilek, ...
GSA Bulletin 121 (11-12), 1629-1646, 2009
Assemblages gradually change from bathyal to hadal depth: a case study on harpacticoid copepods around the Kuril Trench (north-west Pacific Ocean)
T Kitahashi, K Kawamura, S Kojima, M Shimanaga
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 74, 39-47, 2013
Progressive change of pelagic clay microstructure during burial process: examples from piston cores and ODP cores
K Kawamura, Y Ogawa
Marine Geology 207 (1-4), 131-144, 2004
Unexpected biotic resilience on the Japanese seafloor caused by the 2011 Tōhoku-Oki tsunami
T Toyofuku, P Duros, C Fontanier, B Mamo, S Bichon, R Buscail, ...
Scientific Reports 4 (1), 7517, 2014
Magnetic fabric analyses as a method for determining sediment transport and deposition in deep sea sediments
B Novak, B Housen, Y Kitamura, T Kanamatsu, K Kawamura
Marine Geology 356, 19-30, 2014
A submarine landslide complex affecting the Jan Mayen Ridge, Norwegian–Greenland Sea: slide-scar morphology and processes of sediment evacuation
JS Laberg, K Kawamura, H Amundsen, N Baeten, M Forwick, ...
Geo-Marine Letters 34, 51-58, 2014
Assemblages of harpacticoida (crustacea: copepoda) from the Ryukyu and Kuril Trenches, north-west Pacific Ocean
T Kitahashi, K Kawamura, G Veit-Köhler, R Danovaro, J Tietjen, S Kojima, ...
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 92 (2 …, 2012
Bathymetric patterns of α and β diversity of harpacticoid copepods at the genus level around the Ryukyu Trench, and turnover diversity between trenches around Japan
T Kitahashi, K Kawamura, S Kojima, M Shimanaga
Progress in Oceanography 123, 54-63, 2014
Plastic after an extreme storm: the typhoon-induced response of micro-and mesoplastics in coastal waters
R Nakajima, T Miyama, T Kitahashi, N Isobe, Y Nagano, T Ikuta, K Oguri, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 8, 806952, 2022
Massive occurrence of benthic plastic debris at the abyssal seafloor beneath the Kuroshio Extension, the North West Pacific
R Nakajima, M Tsuchiya, A Yabuki, S Masuda, T Kitahashi, Y Nagano, ...
Marine Pollution Bulletin 166, 112188, 2021
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