Vinh Nguyen Duy
Vinh Nguyen Duy
Phenikaa University, Hanoi, Vietnam
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Effects of injection timing and injection pressure on performance and exhaust emissions of a common rail diesel engine fueled by various concentrations of fish-oil biodiesel blends
E Jiaqiang, MH Pham, Y Deng, T Nguyen, VN Duy, DH Le, W Zuo, ...
Energy 149, 979-989, 2018
Dynamic simulations of under-rib convection-driven flow-field configurations and comparison with experiment in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
VN Duy, J Lee, K Kim, J Ahn, S Park, T Kim, HM Kim
Journal of Power Sources 293, 447-457, 2015
Study on performance enhancement and emission reduction of used fuel-injected motorcycles using bi-fuel gasoline-LPG
KN Duc, VN Duy
Energy for Sustainable Development 43, 60-67, 2018
Performance enhancement and emission reduction of used motorcycles using flexible fuel technology
KN Duc, HN Tien, VN Duy
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Comparison of numerical and experimental studies for flow-field optimization based on under-rib convection in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
ND Vinh, HM Kim
Energies 9 (10), 844, 2016
An experimental study of scale-up, oxidant, and response characteristics in PEM fuel cells
KS Choi, J Ahn, J Lee, ND Vinh, HM Kim, K Park, G Hwang
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Performance and emission characteristics of a port fuel injected, spark ignition engine fueled by compressed natural gas
KN Duc, VN Duy, L Hoang-Dinh, TN Viet, T Le-Anh
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Organic-Inorganic Composite Polymer Electrolyte Membranes: Preparation, Properties, and Fuel Cell Applications(Responsible for chapter 10)
VND Hyung Man Kim
Springer, 2017
Parametric simulations of optimum flow-field configuration for efficient proton exchange membrane fuel cell
VN Duy, K Kim, J Lee, J Ahn, S Park, T Kim, HM Kim
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Ocean-based electricity generating system utilizing the electrochemical conversion of wave energy by ionic polymer-metal composites
ND Vinh, HM Kim
Electrochemistry Communications 75, 64-68, 2017
A numerical study of a liquid drop solidifying on a vertical cold wall
VN Duy, TV Vu
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 127, 302-312, 2018
A Study of Operating Characteristics of Old-Generation Diesel Engines Retrofitted with Turbochargers
KN Duc, HN Tien, VN Duy
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 43 (9), 4443-4452, 2018
Electrospinning fabrication and performance evaluation of polyacrylonitrile nanofiber for air filter applications
ND Vinh, HM Kim
Applied Sciences 6 (9), 235, 2016
Effects of Gas Channel Design on Water Management and on the Performance of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells: A Review
TD Tran, S Huang, DH Vu, VN Duy
Experimental Investigation on Establishing the HCCI Process Fueled by N-Heptane in a Direct Injection Diesel Engine at Different Compression Ratios
T Anh, V Duy, H Thi, H Xa
Sustainability 10 (11), 3878, 2018
Experimental study on improving performance and emission characteristics of used motorcycle fueled with ethanol by exhaust gas heating transfer system
VN Duy, KN Duc, DN Cong, HN Xa, T Le Anh
Energy for Sustainable Development 51, 56-62, 2019
Numerical Analysis of the Forces on the Components of a Direct Diesel Engine
D Viet Nguyen, V Nguyen Duy
Applied Sciences 8 (5), 761, 2018
Measurements of emission factors and fuel consumption for motocycles on a chassis dynamometer based on a localized driving cycle
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AEJ Part C 1 (1), 73-85, 2012
Enhancement of PEM Fuel Cell Performance by Flow Control
VN Duy, J Lee, K Park, HM Kim
Materials Science Forum 804, 75-78, 2015
Effect of gravity and gas flow direction on the operation of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells
VN Duy, HM Kim
Int. J. Electrochem. Sci 12, 11833-11854, 2017
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