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Jamilu Usman, Ph.D
Jamilu Usman, Ph.D
Sokoto State University, Sokoto, Nigeria
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Trích dẫn bởi
An overview of superhydrophobic ceramic membrane surface modification for oil-water separation
J Usman, MHD Othman, AF Ismail, MA Rahman, J Jaafar, YO Raji, ...
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 12, 643-667, 2021
Synergistic application of aluminium oxide nanoparticles and oilfield polyacrylamide for enhanced oil recovery
AO Gbadamosi, R Junin, MA Manan, A Agi, JO Oseh, J Usman
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 182, 106345, 2019
Effect of aluminium oxide nanoparticles on oilfield polyacrylamide: Rheology, interfacial tension, wettability and oil displacement studies
AO Gbadamosi, R Junin, MA Manan, A Agi, JO Oseh, J Usman
Journal of Molecular Liquids 296, 111863, 2019
Low-cost silica based ceramic supported thin film composite hollow fiber membrane from guinea corn husk ash for efficient removal of microplastic from aqueous solution
LT Yogarathinam, J Usman, MHD Othman, AF Ismail, PS Goh, ...
Journal of hazardous materials 424, 127298, 2022
Fabrication of magnesium bentonite hollow fibre ceramic membrane for oil-water separation
YO Raji, MHD Othman, NAHSM Nordin, Z ShengTai, J Usman, ...
Arabian Journal of Chemistry 13 (7), 5996-6008, 2020
Impact of organosilanes modified superhydrophobic‐superoleophilic kaolin ceramic membrane on efficiency of oil recovery from produced water
J Usman, MHD Othman, AF Ismail, MA Rahman, J Jaafar, YO Raji, ...
Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology 95 (12), 3300-3315, 2020
Surface matrix functionalization of ceramic-based membrane for oil-water separation: A mini-review
YO Raji, MHD Othman, NAHSM Nordin, MR Adam, ZS Tai, J Usman, ...
Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 37, 1631-1641, 2020
Intelligent optimization for modelling superhydrophobic ceramic membrane oil flux and oil-water separation efficiency: Evidence from wastewater treatment and experimental …
J Usman, BA Salami, A Gbadamosi, H Adamu, AG Usman, M Benaafi, ...
Chemosphere 331, 138726, 2023
Braid-reinforced PVDF hollow fiber membranes for high-efficiency separation of oily wastewater
T El-badawy, MHD Othman, MR Adam, R Kamaludin, AF Ismail, ...
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 10 (2), 107258, 2022
Progress in treatment of oilfield produced water using membrane distillation and potentials for beneficial re-use
T El-badawy, MHD Othman, T Matsuura, MR Bilad, MR Adam, ZS Tai, ...
Separation and Purification Technology 278, 119494, 2021
Zinc ferrite migration dependence on magnetic induce membrane for phenol removal: Adsorption reaction and diffusion study
KAM Said, AF Ismail, AK Zulhairun, MS Abdullah, J Usman, MA Azali, ...
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 9 (1), 105036, 2021
Innovation in membrane fabrication: Magnetic induced photocatalytic membrane
KAM Said, AF Ismail, ZA Karim, MS Abdullah, J Usman, YO Raji
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 113, 372-395, 2020
Fluoride and nitrate enrichment in coastal aquifers of the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia: The influencing factors, toxicity, and human health risks
SI Abba, JC Egbueri, M Benaafi, J Usman, AG Usman, IH Aljundi
Chemosphere 336, 139083, 2023
Fractionation of dyes/salts using loose nanofiltration membranes: Insight from machine learning prediction
N Baig, J Usman, SI Abba, M Benaafi, IH Aljundi
Journal of Cleaner Production 418, 138193, 2023
Comparative study of Malaysian and Nigerian kaolin-based ceramic hollow fiber membranes for filtration application
J Usman, M Hafiz, D Othman, AF Ismail, MA Rahman, J Jaafar, ...
Malaysian J Anal Sci 16 (2), 78-82, 2020
Superhydrophilic and underwater superoleophobic ceramic membranes grafted by layered polydopamine and polydopamine encapsulated silica particles for efficient separation of oil …
J Usman, N Baig, IH Aljundi
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 11 (3), 110011, 2023
The influence of pretreatment step on hollow braided PET fabric as a potential membrane substrate
T El-badawy, MHD Othman, MR Adam, AF Ismail, MA Rahman, J Jaafar, ...
Materials Today: Proceedings 46, 1990-1997, 2021
Oily wastewater treatment
MHD Othman, ZS Tai, J Usman, NJ Ismail, MA Rahman, J Jaafar
Water Pollution and Remediation: Organic Pollutants, 353-385, 2021
Trace element pollution tracking in the complex multi-aquifer groundwater system of Al-Hassa oasis (Saudi Arabia) using spatial, chemometric and index-based techniques
SI Abba, MA Yassin, SMH Shah, JC Egbueri, HE Elzain, JC Agbasi, ...
Environmental Research, 118320, 2024
New-generation machine learning models as prediction tools for modeling interfacial tension of hydrogen-brine system
A Gbadamosi, H Adamu, J Usman, AG Usman, MM Jibril, BA Salami, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 50, 1326-1337, 2024
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