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Thanh Hai Dang
Thanh Hai Dang
School of Engineering and Technology, Việt Nam National University, Hà Nội
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
A manually curated network of the PML nuclear body interactome reveals an important role for PML-NBs in SUMOylation dynamics
E Van Damme, K Laukens, TH Dang, X Van Ostade
International journal of biological sciences 6 (1), 51, 2010
Prediction of kinase-specific phosphorylation sites using conditional random fields
TH Dang, K Van Leemput, A Verschoren, K Laukens
Bioinformatics 24 (24), 2857-2864, 2008
D3NER: Biomedical named entity recognition using CRF-biLSTM improved with fine-tuned embeddings of various linguistic information
TH Dang, HQ Le, TM Nguyen, ST Vu
Bioinformatics, 2018
Use of structural DNA properties for the prediction of transcription-factor binding sites in Escherichia coli
P Meysman, TH Dang, K Laukens, R De Smet, Y Wu, K Marchal, ...
Nucleic Acids Research 39 (2), e6, 2011
Next generation functional proteomics in non-model plants: a survey on techniques and applications for the analysis of protein complexes and post-translational modifications
N Remmerie, T De Vijlder, K Laukens, TH Dang, F Lemière, I Mertens, ...
Phytochemistry 72 (10), 1192-1218, 2011
Large-scale exploration of neural relation classification architectures
HQ Le, DC Can, TS Vu, TH Dang, MT Pilehvar, N Collier
The UET-CAM system in the BioCreAtIvE V CDR task
HQ Le, MV Tran, TH Dang, N Collier
Fifth BioCreative challenge evaluation workshop, 208-213, 2015
Sieve-based coreference resolution enhances semi-supervised learning model for chemical-induced disease relation extraction
HQ Le, MV Tran, TH Dang, QT Ha, N Collier
Database 2016, 2016
Melting curve of metals with defect: Pressure dependence
V Van Hung, DT Hai
Computational materials science 79, 789-794, 2013
AcoSeeD: An ant colony optimization for finding optimal spaced seeds in biological sequence search
D Do Duc, HQ Dinh, TH Dang, K Laukens, XH Hoang
Swarm Intelligence: 8th International Conference, ANTS 2012, Brussels …, 2012
Improving chemical-induced disease relation extraction with learned features based on convolutional neural network
HQ Le, DC Can, TH Dang, MV Tran, QT Ha, N Collier
2017 9th IEEE International Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering …, 2017
Thermodynamic properties and structural phase transition of cerium under high pressure
V Van Hung, DT Hai, HK Hieu
Vacuum 114, 119-123, 2015
Building population-specific reference genomes: a case study of vietnamese reference genome
N Dai Thanh, PTM Trang, DT Hai, NHA Tuan, BQ Minh, DQ Minh, PB Son, ...
2015 Seventh International Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering …, 2015
Whole genome analysis of a Vietnamese trio
DT Hai, ND Thanh, PTM Trang, LS Quang, PTT Hang, DC Cuong, ...
Journal of Biosciences 40, 113-124, 2015
Investigation of pyrophosphate versus ATP substrate selection in the Entamoeba histolytica acetate kinase
T Dang, C Ingram-Smith
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 5912, 2017
An efficient algorithm for global alignment of protein-protein interaction networks
ĐĐ Đông, TN Hà, ĐT Hài, ĐC Cụng, HX Huân
2015 International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications …, 2015
Dysregulation of Amphiregulin stimulates the pathogenesis of cystic lymphangioma
N Yoshida, S Yamamoto, T Hamashima, N Okuno, N Okita, S Horikawa, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (19), e2019580118, 2021
Disease Named Entity Normalization Using Pairwise Learning To Rank and Deep Learning
TN Nguyen, MT Nguyen, TH Dang
VNU University of Engineering and Technology, 2018
Learning from multiple classifier systems: Perspectives for improving decision making of QSAR models in medicinal chemistry
NH Nam, DV Nga, DT Hai, K Dieguez-Santana, Y Marrero-Poncee, ...
Current topics in medicinal chemistry 17 (30), 3269-3288, 2017
A pageranking based method for identifying characteristic genes of a disease
DT Hai, W Lee, HQ Thuy
2008 IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control, 1496-1499, 2008
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