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Jin-Hak Yi
Jin-Hak Yi
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Neural networks-based damage detection for bridges considering errors in baseline finite element models
JJ Lee, JW Lee, JH Yi, CB Yun, HY Jung
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Performance monitoring of the Geumdang Bridge using a dense network of high-resolution wireless sensors
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Joint damage assessment of framed structures using a neural networks technique
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Comparative study on modal identification methods using output-only information
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Baseline models for bridge performance monitoring
MQ Feng, DK Kim, JH Yi, Y Chen
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Validation of a large-scale wireless structural monitoring system on the Geumdang Bridge
JP Lynch, Y Wang, KH Law, JH Yi, CG Lee, CB Yun
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PDF interpolation technique for seismic fragility analysis of bridges
JH Yi, SH Kim, S Kushiyama
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TC Nguyen, TC Huynh, JH Yi, JT Kim
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Evaluation of vertical axis turbine characteristics for tidal current power plant based on in situ experiment
SH Han, JS Park, KS Lee, WS Park, JH Yi
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On the natural frequency of tidal current power systems—A discussion of sea testing
Y Li, JH Yi, H Song, Q Wang, Z Yang, ND Kelley, KS Lee
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Modal identification of a jacket-type offshore structure using dynamic tilt responses and investigation of tidal effects on modal properties
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Vibration-based damage monitoring of harbor caisson structure with damaged foundation-structure interface
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