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Dmitry Grinev
Dmitry Grinev
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Trích dẫn bởi
Root phenomics of crops: opportunities and challenges
PJ Gregory, AG Bengough, D Grinev, S Schmidt, WBTB Thomas, ...
Functional Plant Biology 36 (11), 922-929, 2009
Observer-dependent variability of the thresholding step in the quantitative analysis of soil images and X-ray microtomography data
PC Baveye, M Laba, W Otten, L Bouckaert, PD Sterpaio, RR Goswami, ...
Geoderma 157 (1-2), 51-63, 2010
Microbial diversity affects self-organization of the soil–microbe system with consequences for function
JW Crawford, L Deacon, D Grinev, JA Harris, K Ritz, BK Singh, I Young
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 9 (71), 1302-1310, 2012
3D bulk measurements of the force distribution in a compressed emulsion system
J Brujić, SF Edwards, DV Grinev, I Hopkinson, D Brujić, HA Makse
Faraday Discuss. 123, 207-220, 2002
Statistical mechanics of stress transmission in disordered granular arrays
SF Edwards, DV Grinev
Physical review letters 82 (26), 5397-5400, 1999
Statistical mechanics of vibration-induced compaction of powders
SF Edwards, DV Grinev
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The impact of soil carbon management on soil macropore structure: a comparison of two apple orchard systems in New Zealand
M Deurer, D Grinev, I Young, BE Clothier, K Müller
European Journal of Soil Science 60 (6), 945-955, 2009
Estimating root–soil contact from 3D X‐ray microtomographs
S Schmidt, AG Bengough, PJ Gregory, DV Grinev, W Otten
European Journal of Soil Science, 2012
Transmission of stress in granular materials as a problem of statistical mechanics
SF Edwards, DV Grinev
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 302 (1-4), 162-186, 2001
Granular materials: towards the statistical mechanics of jammed configurations
SF Edwards, DV Grinev
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Non‐invasive techniques for investigating and modelling root‐feeding insects in managed and natural systems
SN Johnson, JW Crawford, PJ Gregory, DV Grinev, RW Mankin, ...
Agricultural and Forest Entomology 9 (1), 39-46, 2007
Statistical mechanics of granular materials: stress propagation and distribution of contact forces
SF Edwards, DV Grinev
Granular Matter 4 (4), 147-153, 2003
Fungal colonization in soils with different management histories: modeling growth in three‐dimensional pore volumes
A Kravchenko, RE Falconer, D Grinev, W Otten
Ecological Applications 21 (4), 1202-1210, 2011
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SF Edwards, DV Grinev, J Brujić
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SF Edwards, DV Grinev
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SF Edwards, DV Grinev
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 263 (1-4), 545-553, 1999
Root elongation rate is correlated with the length of the bare root apex of maize and lupin roots despite contrasting responses of root growth to compact and dry soils
S Schmidt, PJ Gregory, DV Grinev, AG Bengough
Plant and Soil 372, 609-618, 2013
Design of the X-ray micro-CT scanner TOLMI-150-10 and its perspective application in non-destructive evaluation
AV Batranin, SV Chakhlov, DV Grinev, BI Kapranov, VA Klimenov
Applied Mechanics and Materials 379, 3-10, 2013
Bright and dark gap solitons governed by quadratic nonlinearities
DVG Yu. S. Kivshar, O. A. Chubykalo, O. V. Usatenko
Int. J. Mod. Phys. B 9, (1995)., 2963-2987, 1995
The tensorial formulation of volume function for packings of particles
SF Edwards, DV Grinev
Chemical engineering science 56 (19), 5451-5455, 2001
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