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Lavneet Singh
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A Novel Image Watermarking Scheme Using Extreme Learning Machine
A Mishra, A Goel
A Novel Machine Learning Approach for Detecting the Brain Abnormalities from MRI Structural Images
L Singh, G Chetty, D Sharma
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Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics
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Review of classification of brain abnormalities in magnetic resonance images using pattern recognition and machine learning
L Singh, G Chetty
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A comparative study of MRI data using various machine learning and pattern recognition algorithms to detect brain abnormalities
L Singh, G Chetty
Proceedings of the Tenth Australasian Data Mining Conference-Volume 134, 157-165, 2012
Intercharacter association and path analysis in paddy (Oryza sativa L.).
L Singh, JD Singh, NS Sachan
Medicinal and nutritional values of drumstick tree (moringa oleifera): a review
L Singh, J Singh, J Singh
International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences 8 (5 …, 2019
A Novel Approach for protein Structure prediction Using Pattern Recognition and Extreme Machine Learning
GC Lavneet Singh
Proceedings of International Conference of Neuro Computing and Evolving …, 2012
Applications of clustering algorithms and self organizing maps as data mining and business intelligence tools on real world data sets
L Singh, S Singh, PK Dubey
International Conference on Methods and Models in Computer Science (ICM2CS …, 2010
A comparative study of recognition of speech using improved MFCC algorithms and Rasta filters
L Singh, G Chetty
Information Systems, Technology and Management: 6th International Conference …, 2012
Email Personalization and User Profiling Using RANSAC Multi Model Response Regression Based Optimized Pruning Extreme Learning Machines and Gradient Boosting Trees
L Singh, G Chetty
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A novel algorithm using MFCC and ERB gammatone filters in speech recognition
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A Hybrid Approach to Increase the Performance of Protein Folding Recognition Using Support Vector Machines
L Singh, G Chetty, D Sharma
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Assessment of crop residue potential for power generation using geographical information system
L Singh, J Singh
NISCAIR-CSIR, India, 2015
A Novel Approach to Protein Structure Prediction Using PCA or LDA Based Extreme Learning Machines
L Singh, G Chetty, D Sharma
Neural Information Processing, 492-499, 2012
Detecting The Brain Abnormalities From Mri Structural Images Using Machine Learning And Pattern Recognition Tools
L Singh, G Chetty
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Comparative Analysis of Impact of Various Global Stock Markets and Determinants on Indian Stock Market Performance-A Case Study Using Multiple Linear Regression and Neural Networks
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Pruned annular extreme learning machine optimization based on RANSAC multi model response regularization
L Singh, G Chetty
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Understanding the brain via fMRI classification
L Singh, G Chetty
Springer Handbook of Bio-/Neuroinformatics, 703-711, 2014
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