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Anurag Malik
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Potential of hybrid data-intelligence algorithms for multi-station modelling of rainfall
QB Pham, SI Abba, AG Usman, NTT Linh, V Gupta, A Malik, R Costache, ...
Water Resources Management 33 (15), 5067-5087, 2019
Estimation of monthly reference evapotranspiration using novel hybrid machine learning approaches
Y Tikhamarine, A Malik, A Kumar, SG Doudja, O Kisi
Hydrological Sciences Journal, 2019
Spatial-temporal trends analysis of seasonal and annual rainfall (1966-2015) using innovative trend analysis method with significance test
A Malik, A Kumar, P Guhathakurta, O Kisi
Arabian Journal of Geosciences,, 2019
Modeling monthly pan evaporation process over the Indian central Himalayas: Application of multiple learning artificial intelligence model
A Malik, A Kumar, S Kim, MH Kashani, V Karimi, A Sharafati, MA Ghorbani, ...
Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics, 2020
The impact of climate changes on the water footprint of wheat and maize production in the Nile Delta, Egypt
A Elbeltagi, MR Aslam, A Malik, B Mehdinejadiani, A Srivastava, ...
Science of the Total Environment 743, 140770, 2020
Support vector regression optimized by meta-heuristic algorithms for daily streamflow prediction
A Malik, Y Tikhamarine, D Souag-Gamane, O Kisi, QB Pham
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 34, 1755-1773, 2020
Seasonality shift and streamflow flow variability trends in central India
A Kuriqi, R Ali, QB Pham, J Montenegro Gambini, V Gupta, A Malik, ...
Acta Geophysica 68, 1461-1475, 2020
Spatio-temporal trends analysis of rainfall using parametric and non-parametric tests: case study in Uttarakhand, India
A Malik, A Kumar
Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 2020
Artificial intelligence models versus empirical equations for modeling monthly reference evapotranspiration
Y Tikhamarine, A Malik, D Souag-Gamane, O Kisi
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, …, 2020
Morphometric analysis and prioritization of sub-watersheds in a hilly watershed using weighted sum approach
A Malik, A Kumar, H Kandpal
Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 2019
Modeling long-term dynamics of crop evapotranspiration using deep learning in a semi-arid environment
A Elbeltagi, J Deng, K Wang, A Malik, S Maroufpoor
Agricultural Water Management 241, 106334, 2020
Application of Heuristic Approaches for Prediction of Hydrological Drought Using Multi-Scalar Streamflow Drought Index
A Malik, A Kumar, RP Singh
Water Resources Management, 2019
Prediction of meteorological drought by using hybrid support vector regression optimized with HHO versus PSO algorithms
A Malik, Y Tikhamarine, SS Sammen, SI Abba, S Shahid
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28, 39139-39158, 2021
Monthly pan-evaporation estimation in Indian central Himalayas using different heuristic approaches and climate based models
A Malik, A Kumar, O Kisi
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 143, 302-313, 2017
Pan evaporation simulation based on daily meteorological data using soft computing techniques and multiple linear regression
A Malik, A Kumar
Water resources management 29 (6), 1859-1872, 2015
Artificial neural network optimized with a genetic algorithm for seasonal groundwater table depth prediction in Uttar Pradesh, India
K Pandey, S Kumar, A Malik, A Kuriqi
Sustainability 12 (21), 8932, 2020
Pan evaporation modeling by three different neuro-fuzzy intelligent systems using climatic inputs
RM Adnam, A Malik, A Kumar, K Parmar, O Kisi
Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 2019
Daily suspended sediment concentration simulation using hydrological data of Pranhita River Basin, India
A Malik, A Kumar, J Piri
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 138, 20-28, 2017
Drought index prediction using advanced fuzzy logic model: Regional case study over Kumaon in India
A Malik, A Kumar, S Salih, S Kim, NW Kim, ZM Yaseen, VP Singh
PLoS ONE,, 2020
Enhanced artificial neural network with Harris hawks optimization for predicting scour depth downstream of ski-jump spillway
SS Sammen, MA Ghorbani, A Malik, Y Tikhamarine, M AmirRahmani, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (15), 5160, 2020
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