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Sheetal K Radhakrishnan
Sheetal K Radhakrishnan
Scientist, ICAR-CAZRI, RRS, Bikaner
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Trích dẫn bởi
Heavy metal accumulation and effects on growth, biomass and physiological processes in mustard
KR Sheetal, SD Singh, A Anand, S Prasad
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KR Sheetal, S Prasad, N Gupta, L Lata
NTFP based agroforestry to sustain income and employment generation activities of arid regions of Rajasthan
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Arid Agroforestry for Thar Desert
V Subbulakshmi, KR Sheetal, MB Noor Mohamed, PS Renjith, S Kala
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Sustainable Water Harvesting for Improving Food Security and Livelihoods of Smallholders under Different Climatic Conditions of India
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Proximate technical and economic aspects and life cycle analysis of biodiesel production in India: An overview
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