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Zbynek Heger
Zbynek Heger
Associate Professor, Mendel University in Brno
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Trích dẫn bởi
Magnetic nanoparticles: From design and synthesis to real world applications
J Kudr, Y Haddad, L Richtera, Z Heger, M Cernak, V Adam, O Zitka
Nanomaterials 7 (9), 243, 2017
Hypoxia-inducible factors: Master regulators of hypoxic tumor immune escape
Q Wu, L You, E Nepovimova, Z Heger, W Wu, K Kuca, V Adam
Journal of hematology & oncology 15 (1), 1-18, 2022
Perspective of use of antiviral peptides against influenza virus
S Skalickova, Z Heger, L Krejcova, V Pekarik, K Bastl, J Janda, ...
Viruses 7 (10), 5428-5442, 2015
Sarcosine as a potential prostate cancer biomarker—A review
N Cernei, Z Heger, J Gumulec, O Zitka, M Masarik, P Babula, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 14 (7), 13893-13908, 2013
Ten quick tips for homology modeling of high-resolution protein 3D structures
Y Haddad, V Adam, Z Heger
PLoS computational biology 16 (4), e1007449, 2020
Cooperative multifunctional self‐propelled paramagnetic microrobots with chemical handles for cell manipulation and drug delivery
K Villa, L Krejčová, F Novotnư, Z Heger, Z Sofer, M Pumera
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (43), 1804343, 2018
Carbon dots based FRET for the detection of DNA damage
J Kudr, L Richtera, K Xhaxhiu, D Hynek, Z Heger, O Zitka, V Adam
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 92, 133-139, 2017
Homology modeling in the time of collective and artificial intelligence
T Hameduh, Y Haddad, V Adam, Z Heger
Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 18, 3494-3506, 2020
Transport phenomena of nanoparticles in plants and animals/humans
NA Anjum, MAM Rodrigo, A Moulick, Z Heger, P Kopel, O Zítka, V Adam, ...
Environmental Research 151, 233-243, 2016
Ultrafast electrochemical trigger drug delivery mechanism for nanographene micromachines
B Khezri, SM Beladi Mousavi, L Krejčová, Z Heger, Z Sofer, M Pumera
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (4), 1806696, 2019
Apoferritin applications in nanomedicine
Z Heger, S Skalickova, O Zitka, V Adam, R Kizek
Nanomedicine 9 (14), 2233-2245, 2014
Nanoparticle-drug conjugates treating bacterial infections
P Jelinkova, A Mazumdar, VP Sur, S Kociova, K Dolezelikova, ...
Journal of controlled Release 307, 166-185, 2019
Nanoscale virus biosensors: state of the art
L Krejcova, P Michalek, MM Rodrigo, Z Heger, S Krizkova, ...
Nanobiosensors in Disease Diagnosis, 47-66, 2015
Site-directed conjugation of antibodies to apoferritin nanocarrier for targeted drug delivery to prostate cancer cells
S Dostalova, T Cerna, D Hynek, Z Koudelkova, T Vaculovic, P Kopel, ...
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Electrochemical sensing of etoposide using carbon quantum dot modified glassy carbon electrode
HV Nguyen, L Richtera, A Moulick, K Xhaxhiu, J Kudr, N Cernei, ...
Analyst 141 (9), 2665-2675, 2016
Paramagnetic nanoparticles as a platform for FRET-based sarcosine picomolar detection
Z Heger, N Cernei, S Krizkova, M Masarik, P Kopel, P Hodek, O Zitka, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 8868, 2015
Drug sequestration in lysosomes as one of the mechanisms of chemoresistance of cancer cells and the possibilities of its inhibition
J Hraběta, M Belhajová, H Šubrtová, MA Merlos Rodrigo, Z Heger, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 21 (12), 4392, 2020
A novel insight into the cardiotoxicity of antineoplastic drug doxorubicin
Z Heger, N Cernei, J Kudr, J Gumulec, I Blazkova, O Zitka, T Eckschlager, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 14 (11), 21629-21646, 2013
One-pot synthesis of natural amine-modified biocompatible carbon quantum dots with antibacterial activity
M Gagic, S Kociova, K Smerkova, H Michalkova, M Setka, P Svec, J Pribyl, ...
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 580, 30-48, 2020
Sarcosine up-regulates expression of genes involved in cell cycle progression of metastatic models of prostate cancer
Z Heger, MA Merlos Rodrigo, P Michalek, H Polanska, M Masarik, V Vit, ...
Plos one 11 (11), e0165830, 2016
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