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Jin Mi Triolo
Jin Mi Triolo
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Trích dẫn bởi
A new algorithm to characterize biodegradability of biomass during anaerobic digestion: influence of lignin concentration on methane production potential
JM Triolo, SG Sommer, HB Møller, MR Weisbjerg, XY Jiang
Bioresource technology 102 (20), 9395-9402, 2011
Biochemical methane potential and anaerobic biodegradability of non-herbaceous and herbaceous phytomass in biogas production
JM Triolo, L Pedersen, H Qu, SG Sommer
Bioresource technology 125, 226-232, 2012
Influence of chemical composition on biochemical methane potential of fruit and vegetable waste
T Edwiges, L Frare, B Mayer, L Lins, JM Triolo, X Flotats, ...
Waste Management 71, 618-625, 2018
More value from food waste: Lactic acid and biogas recovery
MS Kim, JG Na, MK Lee, H Ryu, YK Chang, JM Triolo, YM Yun, DH Kim
Water research 96, 208-216, 2016
Validation and recommendation of methods to measure biogas production potential of animal manure
CH Pham, JM Triolo, TTT Cu, L Pedersen, SG Sommer
Asian-Australasian journal of animal sciences 26 (6), 864-873, 2013
Biogas production within the bioethanol production chain: Use of co-substrates for anaerobic digestion of sugar beet vinasse
BS Moraes, JM Triolo, VP Lecona, M Zaiat, SG Sommer
Bioresource Technology 190, 227-234, 2015
Biogas production from Vietnamese animal manure, plant residues and organic waste: influence of biomass composition on methane yield
TTT Cu, TX Nguyen, JM Triolo, L Pedersen, VD Le, PD Le, SG Sommer
Asian-Australasian journal of animal sciences 28 (2), 280, 2015
Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from vinasse through anaerobic digestion
BS Moraes, SO Petersen, M Zaiat, SG Sommer, JM Triolo
Applied Energy 189, 21-30, 2017
Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS) for rapid determination of biochemical methane potential of plant biomass
JM Triolo, AJ Ward, L Pedersen, MM Løkke, H Qu, SG Sommer
Applied Energy 116, 52-57, 2014
Predicting methane production in simple and unheated biogas digesters at low temperatures
CH Pham, JM Triolo, SG Sommer
Applied energy 136, 1-6, 2014
Characteristics of animal slurry as a key biomass for biogas production in Denmark
JM Triolo, AJ Ward, L Pedersen, SG Sommer
Biomass Now-Sustainable Growth and Use. Intech, 307-326, 2013
Co-ensiling of straw with sugar beet leaves increases the methane yield from straw
SU Larsen, K Hjort-Gregersen, AH Vazifehkhoran, JM Triolo
Bioresource technology 245, 106-115, 2017
Rapid estimation of the biochemical methane potential of plant biomasses using Fourier transform mid-infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy
G Bekiaris, JM Triolo, C Peltre, L Pedersen, LS Jensen, S Bruun
Bioresource Technology 197, 475-481, 2015
Estimation of methane emissions from slurry pits below pig and cattle confinements
SO Petersen, AB Olsen, L Elsgaard, JM Triolo, SG Sommer
PloS one 11 (8), e0160968, 2016
Methane potential of fruit and vegetable waste: an evaluation of the semi-continuous anaerobic mono-digestion
T Edwiges, LM Frare, JH Lima Alino, JM Triolo, X Flotats, ...
Environmental technology 41 (7), 921-930, 2020
Residual biochemical methane potential (BMP) of concentrated digestate from full-scale biogas plants
O Thygesen, SG Sommer, SG Shin, JM Triolo
Fuel 132, 44-46, 2014
Thermic model to predict biogas production in unheated fixed-dome digesters buried in the ground
G Terradas-Ill, CH Pham, JM Triolo, J Martí-Herrero, SG Sommer
Environmental science & technology 48 (6), 3253-3262, 2014
Optimised biogas production from the co-digestion of sugar beet with pig slurry: Integrating energy, GHG and economic accounting
A Boldrin, KR Baral, T Fitamo, AH Vazifehkhoran, IG Jensen, I Kjærgaard, ...
Energy 112, 606-617, 2016
Biomethanation in a thermophilic biotrickling filter using cattle manure as nutrient media
MU Sieborg, BD Jønson, MT Ashraf, L Yde, JM Triolo
Bioresource Technology Reports 9, 100391, 2020
Development and validation of a low-cost gas density method for measuring biochemical methane potential (BMP)
CG Justesen, S Astals, JR Mortensen, R Thorsen, K Koch, S Weinrich, ...
Water 11 (12), 2431, 2019
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