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Vinod Kumar
Vinod Kumar
Assistant Professor, Government College for Women (Top 2% Scientist (Stanford University)
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Trích dẫn bởi
Worldwide pesticide usage and its impacts on ecosystem
A Sharma, V Kumar, B Shahzad, M Tanveer, GPS Sidhu, N Handa, ...
SN Applied Sciences 1, 1-16, 2019
Global evaluation of heavy metal content in surface water bodies: A meta-analysis using heavy metal pollution indices and multivariate statistical analyses
V Kumar, RD Parihar, A Sharma, P Bakshi, GPS Sidhu, AS Bali, ...
Chemosphere 236, 124364, 2019
Photosynthetic response of plants under different abiotic stresses: a review
A Sharma, V Kumar, B Shahzad, M Ramakrishnan, GP Singh Sidhu, ...
Journal of Plant Growth Regulation 39, 509-531, 2020
Phytohormones regulate accumulation of osmolytes under abiotic stress
A Sharma, B Shahzad, V Kumar, SK Kohli, GPS Sidhu, AS Bali, N Handa, ...
Biomolecules 9 (7), 285, 2019
Pollution assessment of heavy metals in soils of India and ecological risk assessment: A state-of-the-art
V Kumar, A Sharma, P Kaur, GPS Sidhu, AS Bali, R Bhardwaj, AK Thukral, ...
Chemosphere 216, 449-462, 2019
Copper bioavailability, uptake, toxicity and tolerance in plants: A comprehensive review
V Kumar, S Pandita, GPS Sidhu, A Sharma, K Khanna, P Kaur, AS Bali, ...
Chemosphere 262, 127810, 2021
Chromium bioaccumulation and its impacts on plants: an overview
A Sharma, D Kapoor, J Wang, B Shahzad, V Kumar, AS Bali, S Jasrotia, ...
Plants 9 (1), 100, 2020
Potassium in plants: Growth regulation, signaling, and environmental stress tolerance
R Johnson, K Vishwakarma, MS Hossen, V Kumar, AM Shackira, ...
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 172, 56-69, 2022
Assessment of heavy-metal pollution in three different Indian water bodies by combination of multivariate analysis and water pollution indices
V Kumar, A Sharma, R Kumar, R Bhardwaj, A Kumar Thukral, ...
Human and ecological risk assessment: an international journal 26 (1), 1-16, 2020
Root exudates ameliorate cadmium tolerance in plants: a review
AS Bali, GPS Sidhu, V Kumar
Environmental Chemistry Letters 18 (4), 1243-1275, 2020
Pre-sowing Seed Treatment with 24-Epibrassinolide Ameliorates Pesticide Stress in Brassica juncea L. through the Modulation of Stress Markers
A Sharma, S Thakur, V Kumar, MK Kanwar, AK Kesavan, AK Thukral, ...
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A critical review on toxicity of cobalt and its bioremediation strategies
S Mahey, R Kumar, M Sharma, V Kumar, R Bhardwaj
SN Applied Sciences 2 (7), 1279, 2020
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R Setia, SS Dhaliwal, V Kumar, R Singh, SS Kukal, B Pateriya
Environmental Pollution 265, 114907, 2020
Nitric oxide‐mediated regulation of oxidative stress in plants under metal stress: a review on molecular and biochemical aspects
A Sharma, C Soares, B Sousa, M Martins, V Kumar, B Shahzad, ...
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A review of ecological risk assessment and associated health risks with heavy metals in sediment from India
V Kumar, A Sharma, S Pandita, R Bhardwaj, AK Thukral, A Cerda
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Soil science challenges in a new era: a transdisciplinary overview of relevant topics
J Rodrigo-Comino, M López-Vicente, V Kumar, A Rodríguez-Seijo, ...
Air, Soil and Water Research 13, 1178622120977491, 2020
Metal/metalloid-based nanomaterials for plant abiotic stress tolerance: An overview of the mechanisms
M Sarraf, K Vishwakarma, V Kumar, N Arif, S Das, R Johnson, ...
Plants 11 (3), 316, 2022
Ecological risk assessment and source apportionment of heavy metal contamination in agricultural soils of Northeastern Iran
VK Ali Keshavarzi
International Journal of Environmental Health Research, …, 2018
Differential distribution of amino acids in plants
V Kumar, A Sharma, R Kaur, AK Thukral, R Bhardwaj, P Ahmad
Amino acids 49, 821-869, 2017
Castasterone and citric acid treatment restores photosynthetic attributes in Brassica juncea L. under Cd(II) toxicity
R Kaur, R., Yadav, P., Sharma, A., Thukral, A.K., Thukral, A.K., Kumar, V ...
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 145, 466-475, 2017
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