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Candan Gokceoglu
Candan Gokceoglu
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Trích dẫn bởi
Application of fuzzy logic and analytical hierarchy process (AHP) to landslide susceptibility mapping at Haraz watershed, Iran
HR Pourghasemi, B Pradhan, C Gokceoglu
Natural hazards 63, 965-996, 2012
Assessment of landslide susceptibility for a landslide-prone area (north of Yenice, NW Turkey) by fuzzy approach
M Ercanoglu, C Gokceoglu
Environmental Geology 41 (6), 720-730, 2002
An assessment on the use of logistic regression and artificial neural networks with different sampling strategies for the preparation of landslide susceptibility maps
HA Nefeslioglu, C Gokceoglu, H Sonmez
Engineering Geology 97 (3-4), 171-191, 2008
Use of fuzzy relations to produce landslide susceptibility map of a landslide prone area (West Black Sea Region, Turkey)
M Ercanoglu, C Gokceoglu
Engineering geology 75 (3-4), 229-250, 2004
Landslide susceptibility mapping of the slopes in the residual soils of the Mengen region (Turkey) by deterministic stability analyses and image processing techniques
C Gökceoglu, H Aksoy
Engineering Geology 44 (1-4), 147-161, 1996
Prediction of uniaxial compressive strength of sandstones using petrography-based models
K Zorlu, C Gokceoglu, F Ocakoglu, HA Nefeslioglu, S Acikalin
Engineering Geology 96 (3-4), 141-158, 2008
Estimation of rock modulus: for intact rocks with an artificial neural network and for rock masses with a new empirical equation
H Sonmez, C Gokceoglu, HA Nefeslioglu, A Kayabasi
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 43 (2), 224-235, 2006
An easy-to-use MATLAB program (MamLand) for the assessment of landslide susceptibility using a Mamdani fuzzy algorithm
A Akgun, EA Sezer, HA Nefeslioglu, C Gokceoglu, B Pradhan
Computers & Geosciences 38 (1), 23-34, 2012
A fuzzy model to predict the uniaxial compressive strength and the modulus of elasticity of a problematic rock
C Gokceoglu, K Zorlu
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 17 (1), 61-72, 2004
Landslide susceptibility mapping using support vector machine and GIS at the Golestan Province, Iran
HR Pourghasemi, AG Jirandeh, B Pradhan, C Xu, C Gokceoglu
Journal of Earth System Science 122, 349-369, 2013
Application of weights-of-evidence and certainty factor models and their comparison in landslide susceptibility mapping at Haraz watershed, Iran
HR Pourghasemi, B Pradhan, C Gokceoglu, M Mohammadi, HR Moradi
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 6, 2351-2365, 2013
Assessment of landslide susceptibility by decision trees in the metropolitan area of Istanbul, Turkey
Mathematical problems in engineering 2010, 2010
Susceptibility assessments of shallow earthflows triggered by heavy rainfall at three catchments by logistic regression analyses
T Can, HA Nefeslioglu, C Gokceoglu, H Sonmez, TY Duman
Geomorphology 72 (1-4), 250-271, 2005
Landslide susceptibility mapping by neuro-fuzzy approach in a landslide-prone area (Cameron Highlands, Malaysia)
B Pradhan, EA Sezer, C Gokceoglu, MF Buchroithner
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 48 (12), 4164-4177, 2010
A fuzzy triangular chart to predict the uniaxial compressive strength of the Ankara agglomerates from their petrographic composition
C Gokceoglu
Engineering Geology 66 (1-2), 39-51, 2002
The 17 March 2005 Kuzulu landslide (Sivas, Turkey) and landslide-susceptibility map of its near vicinity
C Gokceoglu, H Sonmez, HA Nefeslioglu, TY Duman, T Can
Engineering geology 81 (1), 65-83, 2005
An attenuation relationship based on Turkish strong motion data and iso-acceleration map of Turkey
R Ulusay, E Tuncay, H Sonmez, C Gokceoglu
Engineering Geology 74 (3-4), 265-291, 2004
Manifestation of an adaptive neuro-fuzzy model on landslide susceptibility mapping: Klang valley, Malaysia
EA Sezer, B Pradhan, C Gokceoglu
Expert Systems with Applications 38 (7), 8208-8219, 2011
Application of two non-linear prediction tools to the estimation of tunnel boring machine performance
S Yagiz, C Gokceoglu, E Sezer, S Iplikci
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 22 (4-5), 808-814, 2009
Factors affecting the durability of selected weak and clay-bearing rocks from Turkey, with particular emphasis on the influence of the number of drying and wetting cycles
C Gökceoğlu, R Ulusay, H Sönmez
Engineering Geology 57 (3-4), 215-237, 2000
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