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Bishnu Acharya
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A comprehensive review on biomass torrefaction
DR Nhuchhen, P Basu, B Acharya
Int. J. Renew. Energy Biofuels 2014, 1-56, 2014
A Review of the Current Knowledge and Challenges of Hydrothermal Carbonization for Biomass Conversion
H Mohammad, D Animesh, A Bishnu, M Shovel
Journal of the Energy Institute, 2018
An investigation into steam gasification of biomass for hydrogen enriched gas production in presence of CaO
B Acharya, A Dutta, P Basu
International journal of hydrogen energy 35 (4), 1582-1589, 2010
CaO-based CO2 sorbents: A review on screening, enhancement, cyclic stability, regeneration and kinetics modelling
SA Salaudeen, B Acharya, A Dutta
Journal of CO2 Utilization 23, 179-199, 2018
Sand erosion of Pelton turbine nozzles and buckets: A case study of Chilime Hydropower Plant
TR Bajracharya, B Acharya, CB Joshi, RP Saini, OG Dahlhaug
Wear 264 (3-4), 177-184, 2008
Chemical-looping gasification of biomass for hydrogen-enriched gas production with in-process carbon dioxide capture
B Acharya, A Dutta, P Basu
Energy & Fuels 23 (10), 5077-5083, 2009
Effect of CaO on tar reforming to hydrogen-enriched gas with in-process CO2 capture in a bubbling fluidized bed biomass steam gasifier
J Udomsirichakorn, P Basu, PA Salam, B Acharya
International journal of hydrogen energy 38 (34), 14495-14504, 2013
Groundwater estimation from major physical hydrology components using artificial neural networks and deep learning
H Afzaal, AA Farooque, F Abbas, B Acharya, T Esau
Water 12 (1), 5, 2019
CaO-based chemical looping gasification of biomass for hydrogen-enriched gas production with in situ CO2 capture and tar reduction
J Udomsirichakorn, P Basu, PA Salam, B Acharya
Fuel processing technology 127, 7-12, 2014
Measurement of the ratio of the pp→ W+ c-jet cross section to the inclusive pp→ W+ jets cross section
VM Abazov, B Abbott, M Abolins, BS Acharya, M Adams, T Adams, ...
Physics Letters B 666 (1), 23-30, 2008
A Review of Some Operation and Maintenance Issues of CFBC Boilers
A ArjunWadkar, P Basu, B Acharya
Applied Thermal Engineering 102 (5), 672-694, 2016
An experimental and theoretical investigation on torrefaction of a large wet wood particle
P Basu, AK Sadhukhan, P Gupta, S Rao, A Dhungana, B Acharya
Bioresource technology 159, 215-222, 2014
Isolation of Nanocrystalline Cellulose from Invasive Tunicates
M Dunlop, B Acharya, R Bissessur
Journal of Environment Chemical Engineering 6 (4), 4408-4412, 2018
A review of thermochemical conversion of waste biomass to biofuels
S Jha, S Nanda, B Acharya, AK Dalai
Energies 15 (17), 6352, 2022
P Basu
Biomass gasification, pyrolysis and torrefaction, 87-145, 2013
Effects of process water recycling and particle sizes on hydrothermal carbonization of biomass
M Heidari, S Salaudeen, A Dutta, B Acharya
Energy & Fuels, 2018
Biochar as a filler in glassfiber reinforced composites: Experimental study of thermal and mechanical properties
R Dahal Kumar, B Acharya, G Saha, A Dutta, A Farooque
Composites Part B: Engineering, 2019
Study of hydrochar and process water from hydrothermal carbonization of sea lettuce
A Shrestha, B Acharya, AA Farooque
Renewable energy 163, 589-598, 2021
Precision irrigation strategies for sustainable water budgeting of potato crop in Prince Edward Island
H Afzaal, AA Farooque, F Abbas, B Acharya, T Esau
Sustainability 12 (6), 2419, 2020
Biodegradation of bioplastic using anaerobic digestion at retention time as per industrial biogas plant and international norms
A Shrestha, MCAA van-Eerten Jansen, B Acharya
Sustainability 12 (10), 4231, 2020
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