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KA Khor
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A complete polarization model of a solid oxide fuel cell and its sensitivity to the change of cell component thickness
SH Chan, KA Khor, ZT Xia
Journal of power sources 93 (1-2), 130-140, 2001
Tensile properties, tension–tension fatigue and biological response of polyetheretherketone–hydroxyapatite composites for load-bearing orthopedic implants
MSA Bakar, MHW Cheng, SM Tang, SC Yu, K Liao, CT Tan, KA Khor, ...
Biomaterials 24 (13), 2245-2250, 2003
The 2016 thermal spray roadmap
A Vardelle, C Moreau, J Akedo, H Ashrafizadeh, CC Berndt, JO Berghaus, ...
Journal of thermal spray technology 25, 1376-1440, 2016
Addressing processing problems associated with plasma spraying of hydroxyapatite coatings
P Cheang, KA Khor
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Performance evaluation of anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells with thin film YSZ electrolyte
YJ Leng, SH Chan, KA Khor, SP Jiang
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 29 (10), 1025-1033, 2004
Low-temperature SOFC with thin film GDC electrolyte prepared in situ by solid-state reaction
YJ Leng, SH Chan, SP Jiang, KA Khor
Solid State Ionics 170 (1-2), 9-15, 2004
FeB/Fe2B phase transformation during SPS pack-boriding: Boride layer growth kinetics
LG Yu, XJ Chen, KA Khor, G Sundararajan
Acta Materialia 53 (8), 2361-2368, 2005
Temperature driven morphological changes of chemically precipitated hydroxyapatite nanoparticles
R Kumar, KH Prakash, P Cheang, KA Khor
Langmuir 20 (13), 5196-5200, 2004
In vitro studies of plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite/Ti-6Al-4V composite coatings in simulated body fluid (SBF)
YW Gu, KA Khor, P Cheang
Biomaterials 24 (9), 1603-1611, 2003
Effects of residual stress on the performance of plasma sprayed functionally graded ZrO2/NiCoCrAlY coatings
KA Khor, YW Gu
Materials Science and Engineering: A 277 (1-2), 64-76, 2000
Spark plasma sintering of hydroxyapatite powders
YW Gu, NH Loh, KA Khor, SB Tor, P Cheang
Biomaterials 23 (1), 37-43, 2002
Thermal properties of plasma-sprayed functionally graded thermal barrier coatings
KA Khor, YW Gu
Thin Solid Films 372 (1-2), 104-113, 2000
Influence of microstructure on the ionic conductivity of yttria-stabilized zirconia electrolyte
XJ Chen, KA Khor, SH Chan, LG Yu
Materials Science and Engineering: A 335 (1-2), 246-252, 2002
Bone-like apatite layer formation on hydroxyapatite prepared by spark plasma sintering (SPS)
YW Gu, KA Khor, P Cheang
Biomaterials 25 (18), 4127-4134, 2004
High-performance low-temperature solid oxide fuel cell with novel BSCF cathode
QL Liu, KA Khor, SH Chan
Journal of Power Sources 161 (1), 123-128, 2006
An air‐stable densely packed phosphorene–graphene composite toward advanced lithium storage properties
Y Zhang, H Wang, Z Luo, HT Tan, B Li, S Sun, Z Li, Y Zong, ZJ Xu, Y Yang, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (12), 1600453, 2016
Mechanical properties of injection molded hydroxyapatite-polyetheretherketone biocomposites
MSA Bakar, P Cheang, KA Khor
Composites Science and Technology 63 (3-4), 421-425, 2003
Titanium dioxide reinforced hydroxyapatite coatings deposited by high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) spray
H Li, KA Khor, P Cheang
Biomaterials 23 (1), 85-91, 2002
Effects of incorporation of HA/ZrO2 into glass ionomer cement (GIC)
YW Gu, AUJ Yap, P Cheang, KA Khor
Biomaterials 26 (7), 713-720, 2005
Mixing and characterization of feedstock for powder injection molding
R Supati, NH Loh, KA Khor, SB Tor
Materials Letters 46 (2-3), 109-114, 2000
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