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Anurag Mohanty
Anurag Mohanty
Research Manager, Easylzinc
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
An investigation into the solar light-driven enhanced photocatalytic properties of a graphene oxide–SnO 2–TiO 2 ternary nanocomposite
A Kumar, L Rout, LSK Achary, A Mohanty, RS Dhaka, P Dash
RSC advances 6 (38), 32074-32088, 2016
Industrial molasses waste in the performant synthesis of few-layer graphene and its Au/Ag nanoparticles nanocomposites. Photocatalytic and supercapacitance applications
K Shoueir, A Mohanty, I Janowska
Journal of Cleaner Production 351, 131540, 2022
Design of binary SnO2-CuO nanocomposite for efficient photocatalytic degradation of malachite green dye
A Kumar, L Rout, L Achary, A Mohanty, J Marpally, PK Chand, P Dash
AIP Conference Proceedings 1724 (1), 2016
Polyvinyl alcohol-few layer graphene composite films prepared from aqueous colloids. Investigations of mechanical, conductive and gas barrier properties
B Van der Schueren, H El Marouazi, A Mohanty, P Lévêque, C Sutter, ...
Nanomaterials 10 (5), 858, 2020
Structural impact of carbon nanofibers/few-layer-graphene substrate decorated with Ni for CO2 methanation via inductive heating
A Mohanty, CD Viet, AC Roger, A Adam, D Mertz, W Baaziz, I Janowska
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 298, 120589, 2021
Tuning the structure of in-situ synthesized few layer graphene/carbon composites into nanoporous vertically aligned graphene electrodes with high volumetric capacitance
A Mohanty, I Janowska
Electrochimica Acta 308, 206-216, 2019
Few layer graphene as a template for Fe-based 2D nanoparticles
A Mohanty, W Baaziz, M Lafjah, V Da Costa, I Janowska
FlatChem 9, 15-20, 2018
Recent advances in EasylZinc’s innovations for rechargeable batteries
V Caldeira, J Cances, A Mohanty
International Zinc Air Battery Workshop, 2023
Graphenofluids produced by hydrodynamic cavitation ‘on a chip’.
A Mohanty, F Ayela
Graphene 2021 (Grenoble) 11 (2021), 2021
Structural tailoring of graphene based materials for energy applications
A Mohanty
Université de Strasbourg, 2020
Structuration de matériaux à base de graphène pour l’énergie durable
A Mohanty
Strasbourg, 2020
Water mediated synthesis of ultra-microporous Few-Layer-Graphene/carbon electrodes for high volumetric capacitance
A Mohanty, I Janowska
EMRS Fall Meeting, Warsaw, 2019
Multipurpose Biodegradable Liquid Cleaning Agent
R Patel, A Mohanty, S Kesh, SR Nayak, S Mandal
IN Patent 50/2,017, 2018
In-situ Prepared Few Layer Graphene-Porous Carbon Composite Electrodes for Energy Storage
A Mohanty, I Janowska
Carbocat VIII, Porto 8 (2018), 100, 2018
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