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Tran Van Phong
Tran Van Phong
MSc, Institute of Geological Sciences (VAST)
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
A spatially explicit deep learning neural network model for the prediction of landslide susceptibility
D Van Dao, A Jaafari, M Bayat, D Mafi-Gholami, C Qi, H Moayedi, ...
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Prediction success of machine learning methods for flash flood susceptibility mapping in the Tafresh watershed, Iran
S Janizadeh, M Avand, A Jaafari, TV Phong, M Bayat, E Ahmadisharaf, ...
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Soft Computing Ensemble Models Based on Logistic Regression for Groundwater Potential Mapping
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Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning Methods for Forest Fire Modeling and Prediction
BT Pham, A Jaafari, M Avand, N Al-Ansari, T Dinh Du, HPH Yen, ...
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A novel hybrid approach of landslide susceptibility modelling using rotation forest ensemble and different base classifiers
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Geocarto International 35 (12), 1267-1292, 2020
Flood risk assessment using hybrid artificial intelligence models integrated with multi-criteria decision analysis in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam
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Improvement of best first decision trees using bagging and dagging ensembles for flood probability mapping
P Yariyan, S Janizadeh, T Van Phong, HD Nguyen, R Costache, ...
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Coupling RBF neural network with ensemble learning techniques for landslide susceptibility mapping
BT Pham, T Nguyen-Thoi, C Qi, T Van Phong, J Dou, LS Ho, H Van Le, ...
Catena 195, 104805, 2020
Groundwater Potential Mapping Combining Artificial Neural Network and Real AdaBoost Ensemble Technique: The DakNong Province Case-study, Vietnam
PT Nguyen, DH Ha, A Jaafari, HD Nguyen, T Van Phong, N Al-Ansari, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17 (7), 2473, 2020
A comparative study of kernel logistic regression, radial basis function classifier, multinomial naïve bayes, and logistic model tree for flash flood susceptibility mapping
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Flood risk assessment using deep learning integrated with multi-criteria decision analysis
BT Pham, C Luu, D Van Dao, T Van Phong, HD Nguyen, H Van Le, ...
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Landslide susceptibility modeling using different artificial intelligence methods: a case study at Muong Lay district, Vietnam
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Geocarto International, 2019
Can deep learning algorithms outperform benchmark machine learning algorithms in flood susceptibility modeling?
BT Pham, C Luu, T Van Phong, PT Trinh, A Shirzadi, S Renoud, S Asadi, ...
Journal of hydrology 592, 125615, 2021
Improved flood susceptibility mapping using a best first decision tree integrated with ensemble learning techniques
BT Pham, A Jaafari, T Van Phong, HPH Yen, TT Tuyen, V Van Luong, ...
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Mapping forest fire susceptibility using spatially explicit ensemble models based on the locally weighted learning algorithm
TT Tuyen, A Jaafari, HPH Yen, T Nguyen-Thoi, T Van Phong, HD Nguyen, ...
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Development of a Novel Hybrid Intelligence Approach for Landslide Spatial Prediction
PT Nguyen, TT Tuyen, A Shirzadi, BT Pham, H Shahabi, E Omidvar, ...
Applied Sciences 9 (14), 24, 2019
Rainfall induced landslide susceptibility mapping using novel hybrid soft computing methods based on multi-layer perceptron neural network classifier
M Sahana, BT Pham, M Shukla, R Costache, DX Thu, R Chakrabortty, ...
Geocarto International 37 (10), 2747-2771, 2022
GIS based frequency ratio method for landslide susceptibility mapping at Da Lat City, Lam Dong province, Vietnam
DQ Thanh, DH Nguyen, I Prakash, A Jaafari, VT Nguyen, T Van Phong, ...
Vietnam J Earth Sci 42 (1), 55-66, 2020
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