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Fraser Bransby
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Root responses to soil physical conditions; growth dynamics from field to cell
AG Bengough, MF Bransby, J Hans, SJ McKenna, TJ Roberts, ...
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Combined loading of skirted foundations
MF Bransby, MF Randolph
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Drag anchor fluke soil interaction in clays
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SB Mickovski, PD Hallett, MF Bransby, MCR Davies, R Sonnenberg, ...
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Material stiffness, branching pattern and soil matric potential affect the pullout resistance of model root systems
SB Mickovski, AG Bengough, MF Bransby, MCR Davies, PD Hallett, ...
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Shallow foundations subject to combined loadings
MF Bransby
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Selection of p–y curves for the design of single laterally loaded piles
MF Bransby
International Journal for numerical and analytical methods in geomechanics …, 1999
Drag anchor fluke-soil interaction in clays
MF Bransby, MP O’Neill
Numerical Models in Geomechanics, 489-494, 1999
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