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Prof.Dr.Mohammed Aldlemy
Prof.Dr.Mohammed Aldlemy
Professor,College of Mechanical Engineering Technology, Benghazi, Libya
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Trích dẫn bởi
Thin and sharp edges bodies-fluid interaction simulation using cut-cell immersed boundary method
SQ Salih, MS Aldlemy, MR Rasani, AK Ariffin, TMYST Ya, N Al-Ansari, ...
Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics 13 (1), 860-877, 2019
Reinforced concrete deep beam shear strength capacity modelling using an integrative bio-inspired algorithm with an artificial intelligence model
G Zhang, ZH Ali, MS Aldlemy, MH Mussa, SQ Salih, MM Hameed, ...
Engineering with Computers 38 (Suppl 1), 15-28, 2022
Energy analysis using carbon and metallic oxides-based nanomaterials inside a solar collector
S Liu, HA Afan, MS Aldlemy, N Al-Ansari, ZM Yaseen
Energy Reports 6, 1373-1381, 2020
State-of-the art-powerhouse, dam structure, and turbine operation and vibrations
ZM Yaseen, AMS Ameen, MS Aldlemy, M Ali, H Abdulmohsin Afan, S Zhu, ...
Sustainability 12 (4), 1676, 2020
Development of advanced computer aid model for shear strength of concrete slender beam prediction
A Sharafati, M Haghbin, MS Aldlemy, MH Mussa, AW Al Zand, M Ali, ...
Applied sciences 10 (11), 3811, 2020
Fiberglass-reinforced polyester composites fatigue prediction using novel data-intelligence model
J Li, RD Salim, MS Aldlemy, JM Abdullah, ZM Yaseen
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 44 (4), 3343-3356, 2019
Hybridized deep learning model for perfobond rib shear strength connector prediction
JA Khalaf, AA Majeed, MS Aldlemy, ZH Ali, AW Al Zand, S Adarsh, ...
Complexity 2021 (1), 6611885, 2021
Heat transfer and hydrodynamic properties using different metal-oxide nanostructures in horizontal concentric annular tube: An optimization study
OA Alawi, AH Abdelrazek, MS Aldlemy, W Ahmed, OA Hussein, ST Ghafel, ...
Nanomaterials 11 (8), 1979, 2021
Thermal effectiveness of solar collector using graphene nanostructures suspended in ethylene glycol–water mixtures
AO Al-Sulttani, MS Aldlemy, MMA Zahra, HA Gatea, KM Khedher, ...
Energy Reports 8, 1867-1882, 2022
Energy and cost management of different mixing ratios and morphologies on mono and hybrid nanofluids in collector technologies
H Tao, MS Aldlemy, OA Alawi, HM Kamar, RZ Homod, HA Mohammed, ...
Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics 17 (1), 2164620, 2023
Quantifying the impacts of climate and land cover changes on the hydrological regime of a complex dam catchment area
MU Masood, S Haider, M Rashid, MS Aldlemy, CB Pande, B Đurin, ...
Sustainability 15 (21), 15223, 2023
Non-gradient probabilistic Gaussian global-best harmony search optimization for first-order reliability method
ZM Yaseen, MS Aldlemy, M Oukati Sadegh
Engineering with Computers 36, 1189-1200, 2020
Effect of tempering on mechanical properties and corrosion rate of medium and high carbon steel
MA Gebril, MS Aldlemey, AF Kablan
Advanced Materials Research 685, 81-85, 2013
Fluid-structure interaction analysis of rear spoiler vibration for energy harvesting potential
MR Rasani, MS Aldlemy, Z Harun
Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences 11 (1), 2415-2427, 2017
Adaptive mesh refinement immersed boundary method for simulations of laminar flows past a moving thin elastic structure
MS Aldlemy, MR Rasani, AK Ariffin, TT Ya
Journal of Hydrodynamics 32, 148-160, 2020
Effect of austenization temperatures and times on hardness, microstructure and corrosion rate of high carbon steel
MA Gebril, MS Aldlemey, AF Kablan
Design and Computation of Modern Engineering Materials, 421-428, 2014
Frictional pressure drop and cost savings for graphene nanoplatelets nanofluids in turbulent flow environments
RS Mohammad, MS Aldlemy, MSA Hassan, AI Abdulla, M Scholz, ...
Nanomaterials 11 (11), 3094, 2021
Effect of conductivity in corrosion problem using boundary element method and genetic algorithm
M Aldlemy
Knowledge-Based Engineering and Sciences 1 (01), 58-63, 2020
Dynamic adaptive mesh refinement of fluid-structure interaction using immersed boundary method with two-stage corrections
MS Aldlemy, MR Rasani, T Tuan, AK Ariffin
Scientia Iranica 26 (5), 2827-2838, 2019
Composite patch reinforcement of a cracked simply-supported beam traversed by moving mass
MS Aldlemy, SAK Al-jumaili, RAM Al-Mamoori, T Ya, R Alebrahim
Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences 14 (1), 6403-6415, 2020
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