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Climate change, poverty and livelihoods: adaptation practices by rural mountain communities in Nepal
P Gentle, TN Maraseni
Environmental science & policy 21, 24-34, 2012
Estimation and mapping of above-ground biomass of mangrove forests and their replacement land uses in the Philippines using Sentinel imagery
JAA Castillo, AA Apan, TN Maraseni, SG Salmo III
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 134, 70-85, 2017
Soil moisture forecasting by a hybrid machine learning technique: ELM integrated with ensemble empirical mode decomposition
R Prasad, RC Deo, Y Li, T Maraseni
Geoderma 330, 136-161, 2018
An assessment of the impacts of the REDD+ pilot project on community forests user groups (CFUGs) and their community forests in Nepal
TN Maraseni, PR Neupane, F Lopez-Casero, T Cadman
Journal of environmental management 136, 37-46, 2014
Vulnerability of Himalayan transhumant communities to climate change
S Aryal, G Cockfield, TN Maraseni
Climatic Change 125, 193-208, 2014
Input selection and performance optimization of ANN-based streamflow forecasts in the drought-prone Murray Darling Basin region using IIS and MODWT algorithm
R Prasad, RC Deo, Y Li, T Maraseni
Atmospheric Research 197, 42-63, 2017
Global trend of forest ecosystem services valuation–An analysis of publications
RP Acharya, T Maraseni, G Cockfield
Ecosystem Services 39, 100979, 2019
Predicting the distributions of predator (snow leopard) and prey (blue sheep) under climate change in the Himalaya
A Aryal, UB Shrestha, W Ji, SB Ale, S Shrestha, T Ingty, T Maraseni, ...
Ecology and Evolution 6 (12), 4065-4075, 2016
Multi-layer perceptron hybrid model integrated with the firefly optimizer algorithm for windspeed prediction of target site using a limited set of neighboring reference station …
RC Deo, MA Ghorbani, S Samadianfard, T Maraseni, M Bilgili, M Biazar
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An international comparison of rice consumption behaviours and greenhouse gas emissions from rice production
TN Maraseni, RC Deo, J Qu, P Gentle, PR Neupane
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Energy and water tradeoffs in enhancing food security: A selective international assessment
S Mushtaq, TN Maraseni, J Maroulis, M Hafeez
Energy policy 37 (9), 3635-3644, 2009
Weekly soil moisture forecasting with multivariate sequential, ensemble empirical mode decomposition and Boruta-random forest hybridizer algorithm approach
R Prasad, RC Deo, Y Li, T Maraseni
Catena 177, 149-166, 2019
Does the adoption of zero tillage reduce greenhouse gas emissions? An assessment for the grains industry in Australia
TN Maraseni, G Cockfield
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Greenhouse gas emissions from rice farming inputs: a cross-country assessment
TN Maraseni, S Mushtaq, J Maroulis
The Journal of Agricultural Science 147 (2), 117-126, 2009
Household carbon dioxide emissions from peasants and herdsmen in northwestern arid-alpine regions, China
J Qu, J Zeng, Y Li, Q Wang, T Maraseni, L Zhang, Z Zhang, ...
Energy Policy 57, 133-140, 2013
Assessing the roles of community forestry in climate change mitigation and adaptation: A case study from Nepal
SS Pandey, G Cockfield, TN Maraseni
Forest Ecology and Management 360, 400-407, 2016
Five years of REDD+ governance: The use of market mechanisms as a response to anthropogenic climate change
T Cadman, T Maraseni, HO Ma, F Lopez-Casero
Forest Policy and Economics 79, 8-16, 2017
Improving SPI-derived drought forecasts incorporating synoptic-scale climate indices in multi-phase multivariate empirical mode decomposition model hybridized with simulated …
M Ali, RC Deo, T Maraseni, NJ Downs
Journal of hydrology 576, 164-184, 2019
An ensemble-ANFIS based uncertainty assessment model for forecasting multi-scalar standardized precipitation index
M Ali, RC Deo, NJ Downs, T Maraseni
Atmospheric Research 207, 155-180, 2018
Assay of renewable energy transition: A systematic literature review
U Bhattarai, T Maraseni, A Apan
Science of The Total Environment 833, 155159, 2022
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