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Senlin Zhu
Senlin Zhu
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Forecasting river water temperature time series using a wavelet–neural network hybrid modelling approach
R Graf, S Zhu, B Sivakumar
Journal of Hydrology 578, 124115, 2019
Forecasting of water level in multiple temperate lakes using machine learning models
S Zhu, B Hrnjica, M Ptak, A Choiński, B Sivakumar
Journal of Hydrology 585, 124819, 2020
Mercury transport and fate models in aquatic systems: A review and synthesis
S Zhu, Z Zhang, D Žagar
Science of the Total environment 639, 538-549, 2018
Modeling daily water temperature for rivers: comparison between adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems and artificial neural networks models
S Zhu, S Heddam, EK Nyarko, M Hadzima-Nyarko, S Piccolroaz, S Wu
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26, 402-420, 2019
Modelling daily water temperature from air temperature for the Missouri River
S Zhu, EK Nyarko, M Hadzima-Nyarko
PeerJ 6, e4894, 2018
Modelling of daily lake surface water temperature from air temperature: Extremely randomized trees (ERT) versus Air2Water, MARS, M5Tree, RF and MLPNN
S Heddam, M Ptak, S Zhu
Journal of Hydrology 588, 125130, 2020
Prediction of dissolved oxygen in urban rivers at the Three Gorges Reservoir, China: extreme learning machines (ELM) versus artificial neural network (ANN)
S Zhu, S Heddam
Water Quality Research Journal 55 (1), 106-118, 2020
Forecasting surface water temperature in lakes: A comparison of approaches
S Zhu, M Ptak, ZM Yaseen, J Dai, B Sivakumar
Journal of Hydrology 585, 124809, 2020
Extreme learning machine-based prediction of daily water temperature for rivers
S Zhu, S Heddam, S Wu, J Dai, B Jia
Environmental Earth Sciences 78, 1-17, 2019
Energy price prediction using data-driven models: A decade review
H Lu, X Ma, M Ma, S Zhu
Computer Science Review 39, 100356, 2021
Impacts of a large river-to-lake water diversion project on lacustrine phytoplankton communities
J Dai, S Wu, X Wu, X Lv, B Sivakumar, F Wang, Y Zhang, Q Yang, A Gao, ...
Journal of Hydrology 587, 124938, 2020
River/stream water temperature forecasting using artificial intelligence models: a systematic review
S Zhu, AP Piotrowski
Acta Geophysica 68, 1433-1442, 2020
Lake water-level fluctuation forecasting using machine learning models: a systematic review
S Zhu, H Lu, M Ptak, J Dai, Q Ji
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27, 44807-44819, 2020
Machine learning approaches for estimation of compressive strength of concrete
M Hadzima-Nyarko, EK Nyarko, H Lu, S Zhu
The European Physical Journal Plus 135 (8), 682, 2020
Two hybrid data-driven models for modeling water-air temperature relationship in rivers
S Zhu, M Hadzima-Nyarko, A Gao, F Wang, J Wu, S Wu
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26, 12622-12630, 2019
Assessing the performance of a suite of machine learning models for daily river water temperature prediction
S Zhu, EK Nyarko, M Hadzima-Nyarko, S Heddam, S Wu
PeerJ 7, e7065, 2019
Warming of lowland Polish lakes under future climate change scenarios and consequences for ice cover and mixing dynamics
S Piccolroaz, S Zhu, M Ptak, M Sojka, X Du
Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 34, 100780, 2021
Identification of EDI trend using Mann-Kendall and Şen-innovative trend methods (Uttarakhand, India)
A Malik, A Kumar, QB Pham, S Zhu, NTT Linh, DQ Tri
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 13, 1-15, 2020
Effects of water diversion from Yangtze River to Lake Taihu on the phytoplankton habitat of the Wangyu River channel
J Dai, S Wu, X Wu, W Xue, Q Yang, S Zhu, F Wang, D Chen
Water 10 (6), 759, 2018
State-of-the art-powerhouse, dam structure, and turbine operation and vibrations
ZM Yaseen, AMS Ameen, MS Aldlemy, M Ali, H Abdulmohsin Afan, S Zhu, ...
Sustainability 12 (4), 1676, 2020
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