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Covadonga Palencia
Covadonga Palencia
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Trích dẫn bởi
Splash erosion: A review with unanswered questions
M Fernández-Raga, C Palencia, S Keesstra, A Jordán, R Fraile, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 171, 463-477, 2017
The kinetic energy of rain measured with an optical disdrometer: An application to splash erosion
M Fernández-Raga, R Fraile, JJ Keizer, MEV Teijeiro, A Castro, ...
Atmospheric Research 96 (2-3), 225-240, 2010
To predict the compressive strength of self compacting concrete with recycled aggregates utilizing ensemble machine learning models
J de-Prado-Gil, C Palencia, N Silva-Monteiro, R Martínez-García
Case Studies in Construction Materials 16, e01046, 2022
Impact of sulfate activation of rice husk ash on the performance of high strength steel fiber reinforced recycled aggregate concrete
F Althoey, O Zaid, J de-Prado-Gil, C Palencia, E Ali, I Hakeem, ...
Journal of Building Engineering 54, 104610, 2022
Radiative forcing of haze during a forest fire in Spain
AI Calvo, V Pont, A Castro, M Mallet, C Palencia, JC Roger, P Dubuisson, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 115 (D8), 2010
Rain events on 22 October 2006 in León (Spain): Drop size spectra
M Fernández-Raga, A Castro, C Palencia, AI Calvo, R Fraile
Atmospheric Research 93 (1-3), 619-635, 2009
A comparison of machine learning tools that model the splitting tensile strength of self-compacting recycled aggregate concrete
J de-Prado-Gil, C Palencia, P Jagadesh, R Martínez-García
Materials 15 (12), 4164, 2022
Weather types and rainfall microstructure in Leon, Spain
M Fernandez‐Raga, A Castro, E Marcos, C Palencia, R Fraile
International Journal of Climatology 37 (4), 1834-1842, 2017
The influence of melting on hailstone size distribution
R Fraile, A Castro, L López, JL Sánchez, C Palencia
Atmospheric research 67, 203-213, 2003
Maximum hailstone size: Relationship with meteorological variables
C Palencia, D Giaiotti, F Stel, A Castro, R Fraile
Atmospheric Research 96 (2-3), 256-265, 2010
A study on the prediction of compressive strength of self-compacting recycled aggregate concrete utilizing novel computational approaches
J de-Prado-Gil, C Palencia, P Jagadesh, R Martínez-García
Materials 15 (15), 5232, 2022
Hailpad-based research: A bibliometric review
C Palencia, A Castro, D Giaiotti, F Stel, F Vinet, R Fraile
Atmospheric Research 93 (1-3), 664-670, 2009
On the individual calibration of hailpads
C Palencia, C Berthet, M Massot, A Castro, J Dessens, R Fraile
Atmospheric research 83 (2-4), 493-504, 2007
Prediction of splitting tensile strength of self-compacting recycled aggregate concrete using novel deep learning methods
J de-Prado-Gil, O Zaid, C Palencia, R Martínez-García
Mathematics 10 (13), 2245, 2022
Impact of Design Parameters on the Ratio of Compressive to Split Tensile Strength of Self-Compacting Concrete with Recycled Aggregate
R Martínez-García, P Jagadesh, G Búrdalo-Salcedo, C Palencia, ...
Materials 14 (13), 3480, 2021
Rain research with disdrometers: a bibliometric review
M Fernandez-Raga, C Palencia, C Tomas, AI Calvo, A Castro, R Fraile
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions 4 (5), 6041-6068, 2011
Dent overlap in hailpads: Error estimation and measurement correction
C Palencia, A Castro, D Giaiotti, F Stel, R Fraile
Journal of applied meteorology and climatology 50 (5), 1073-1087, 2011
Fitting an exponential distribution: Effect of discretization
R Fraile, C Palencia, A Castro, D Giaiotti, F Stel
Atmospheric research 93 (1-3), 636-640, 2009
Error in the sampling area of an optical disdrometer: consequences in computing rain variables
R Fraile, A Castro, M Fernández-Raga, C Palencia, AI Calvo
The Scientific World Journal 2013, Article ID 369450, 2013
The role of weather types in assessing the rainfall key factors for erosion in two different climatic regions
M Fernández-Raga, R Fraile, C Palencia, E Marcos, AM Castañón, ...
Atmosphere 11 (5), 443, 2020
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