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Pauline Garnier-Gr
Pauline Garnier-Gr
researcher in population and quantitative genetics
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World scientists’ warning to humanity: a second notice
WJ Ripple, C Wolf, TM Newsome, M Galetti, M Alamgir, E Crist, ...
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A computer program for testing pairwise linkage disequilibria in subdivided populations.
P Garnier-Gere, C Dillmann
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Influences of triploidy, parentage and genetic diversity on growth of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas reared in contrasting natural environments
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Population Subdivision, Hardy–Weinberg Equilibrium and the Wahlund Effect
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Modelling the impact of colonisation on genetic diversity and differentiation of forest trees: interaction of life cycle, pollen flow and seed long-distance dispersal
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In Vitro vs In Silico Detected SNPs for the Development of a Genotyping Array: What Can We Learn from a Non-Model Species?
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