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Amir Mosavi
Amir Mosavi
Tên khácAmir H. Mosavi, Amirhosein Mosavi, AH Mosavi
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Trích dẫn bởi
Flood Prediction Using Machine Learning Models: Literature Review
A Mosavi
An ensemble prediction of flood susceptibility using multivariate discriminant analysis, classification and regression trees, and support vector machines
B Choubin, E Moradi, M Golshan, J Adamowski, A Mosavi
Elsevier Journal Science of the Total Environment 651, 2087-2096, 2019
Covid-19 outbreak prediction with machine learning
SF Ardabili, A Mosavi, P Ghamisi, F Ferdinand, AR Varkonyi-Koczy, ...
Sustainable Business Models: A Review
S Nosratabadi, A Mosavi, E Kazimieras Zavadskas, A Rakotonirainy, ...
State of the art of machine learning models in energy systems, a systematic review
A Mosavi, M Salimi, S Faizollahzadeh Ardabili, T Rabczuk, ...
COVID-19 pandemic prediction for Hungary; a hybrid machine learning approach
G Pinter, I Felde, A Mosavi, P Ghamisi, R Gloaguen
Predicting stock market trends using machine learning and deep learning algorithms via continuous and binary data; a comparative analysis
M Nabipour, P Nayyeri, H Jabani, A Mosavi
Ieee Access 8, 150199-150212, 2020
Deep learning for stock market prediction
M Nabipour, P Nayyeri, H Jabani, A Mosavi, E Salwana
Predicting standardized streamflow index for hydrological drought using machine learning models
S Band, S Hashemi, H Salimi, S Samadianfard, E Asadi, S Shadkani, ...
Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics 14 (1), 339-350, 2020
Flash-flood hazard assessment using ensembles and Bayesian-based machine learning models: application of the simulated annealing feature selection method
FS Hosseini, B Choubin, A Mosavi, N Nabipour, S Band, H Darabi, ...
Science of the total environment 711, 135161, 2020
List of Deep Learning Models
A Mosavi, SF Ardabili, AR Várkonyi-Kóczy
International Conference on Global Research and Education, 2019
Ensemble models with uncertainty analysis for multi-day ahead forecasting of chlorophyll a concentration in coastal waters
S Band, E Jafari Nodoushan, JE Adolf, A Abdul Manaf, A Mosavi, K Chau
Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics 13 (1), 91-101, 2019
Deep learning for detecting building defects using convolutional neural networks
H Perez, JHM Tah, A Mosavi
Sensors 19 (16), 3556, 2019
Advances in machine learning modeling reviewing hybrid and ensemble methods
S Ardabili, A Mosavi, AR Várkonyi-Kóczy
International conference on global research and education, 215-227, 2019
Integrated machine learning methods with resampling algorithms for flood susceptibility prediction
E Dodangeh, B Choubin, AN Eigdir, N Nabipour, M Panahi, ...
Science of the Total Environment 705, 135983, 2020
Meta-heuristic algorithm-tuned neural network for breast cancer diagnosis using ultrasound images
S Bourouis, A Mosavi, S Agrawal, M Hamdi
Prediction of hydropower generation using grey wolf optimization adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system
M Dehghani, H Riahi-Madvar, F Hooshyaripor, A Mosavi, ...
Comprehensive review of deep reinforcement learning methods and applications in economics
A Mosavi, Y Faghan, P Ghamisi, P Duan, SF Ardabili, E Salwana, ...
Predicting and mapping of soil organic carbon using machine learning algorithms in Northern Iran
M Emadi, R Taghizadeh-Mehrjardi, A Cherati, M Danesh, A Mosavi, ...
Remote Sensing 12 (14), 2234, 2020
Ensemble boosting and bagging based machine learning models for groundwater potential prediction
A Mosavi, F Sajedi Hosseini, B Choubin, M Goodarzi, AA Dineva, ...
Water Resources Management 35, 23-37, 2021
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