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David F. Vetsch
David F. Vetsch
Head of numerical modelling group at VAW, ETH Zurich
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Trích dẫn bởi
Modeling vegetation controls on fluvial morphological trajectories
W Bertoldi, A Siviglia, S Tettamanti, M Toffolon, D Vetsch, S Francalanci
Geophysical Research Letters 41 (20), 7167-7175, 2014
Numerical modelling of non-cohesive embankment breach with the dual-mesh approach
C Volz, P Rousselot, D Vetsch, R Faeh
Journal of Hydraulic Research 50 (6), 587-598, 2012
Numerical simulation of sediment transport with meshfree methods
DF Vetsch
ETH Zurich, 2012
Hydropower potential in the periglacial environment of Switzerland under climate change
D Ehrbar, L Schmocker, DF Vetsch, RM Boes
Sustainability 10 (8), 2794, 2018
System manuals of BASEMENT, Version 2.7
D Vetsch, A Siviglia, D Ehrbar, M Facchini, S Kammerer, A Koch, S Peter, ...
Laboratory of Hydraulics, Glaciology and Hydrology, ETH Zurich, 2017
When does vegetation establish on gravel bars? Observations and modeling in the Alpine Rhine river
F Caponi, A Koch, W Bertoldi, DF Vetsch, A Siviglia
Frontiers in Environmental Science 7, 124, 2019
Numerical simulation of air–water two-phase flow on stepped spillways behind x-shaped flaring gate piers under very high unit discharge
Z Dong, J Wang, DF Vetsch, RM Boes, G Tan
Water 11 (10), 1956, 2019
BASEMENT v3: A modular freeware for river process modelling over multiple computational backends
D Vanzo, S Peter, L Vonwiller, M Bürgler, M Weberndorfer, A Siviglia, ...
Environmental Modelling & Software 143, 105102, 2021
Metamodeling for uncertainty quantification of a flood wave model for concrete dam breaks
A Kalinina, M Spada, DF Vetsch, S Marelli, C Whealton, P Burgherr, ...
Energies 13 (14), 3685, 2020
System manuals of BASEMENT
D Vetsch, A Siviglia, D Ehrbar, M Facchini, M Gerber, S Kammerer, ...
Laboratory of Hydraulics, Glaciology and Hydrology (VAW), ETH Zurich, 2016
Development of probabilistic dam breach model using Bayesian inference
SJ Peter, A Siviglia, J Nagel, S Marelli, RM Boes, D Vetsch, B Sudret
Water Resources Research 54 (7), 4376-4400, 2018
Swimming behavior of downstream moving fish at innovative curved-bar rack bypass systems for fish protection at water intakes
C Beck, I Albayrak, J Meister, A Peter, OM Selz, C Leuch, DF Vetsch, ...
Water 12 (11), 3244, 2020
BASEMENT–Basic Simulation Environment for Computation of Environmental Flow and Natural Hazard Simulation
D Vetsch, A Siviglia, D Ehrbar, M Facchini, M Gerber, S Kammerer, ...
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zurich: Zurich, Switzerland, 2017
Continuous seasonal and large-scale periglacial reservoir sedimentation
D Ehrbar, L Schmocker, M Doering, M Cortesi, G Bourban, RM Boes, ...
Sustainability 10 (9), 3265, 2018
Numerical simulation of air entrainment in uniform chute flow
B Hohermuth, L Schmocker, RM Boes, DF Vetsch
Journal of Hydraulic Research 59 (3), 378-391, 2021
A model study of the combined effect of above and below ground plant traits on the ecomorphodynamics of gravel bars
F Caponi, DF Vetsch, A Siviglia
Scientific reports 10 (1), 17062, 2020
Numerical embankment breach modelling including seepage flow effects
C Volz, PJ Frank, DF Vetsch, WH Hager, RM Boes
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Assessment of flow field and sediment flux at alpine desanding facilities
C Paschmann, JN Fernandes, DF Vetsch, RM Boes
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System manuals of BASEMENT, version 2.7. Laboratory of hydraulics, glaciology and hydrology (VAW). ETH Zurich
D Vetsch, A Siviglia, D Ehrbar, M Facchini, S Kammerer, A Koch, S Peter, ...
Wasserkraftpotenzial in Gletscherrückzugsgebiet der Schweiz
D Ehrbar, L Schmocker, DF Vetsch, R Boes
Wasser Energie Luft 111 (4), 205-212, 2019
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