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Sajjad Ahmad
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Trích dẫn bởi
Estimating soil moisture using remote sensing data: A machine learning approach
S Ahmad, A Kalra, H Stephen
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Synthesis of system dynamics tools for holistic conceptualization of water resources problems
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Computer-based model for flood evacuation emergency planning
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An intelligent decision support system for management of floods
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An artificial neural network model for generating hydrograph from hydro-meteorological parameters
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Evaluating municipal water conservation policies using a dynamic simulation model
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A dynamic model for vulnerability assessment of regional water resources in arid areas: a case study of Bayingolin, China
G Wu, L Li, S Ahmad, X Chen, X Pan
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Evaluating urban storm-water infrastructure design in response to projected climate change
WJ Forsee, S Ahmad
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Flood hazard assessment of Atrato River in Colombia
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Evaluating the impact of water conservation on fate of outdoor water use: a study in an arid region
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The carbon footprint of water management policy options
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Carbon footprint of water conveyance versus desalination as alternatives to expand water supply
E Shrestha, S Ahmad, W Johnson, P Shrestha, JR Batista
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Systems dynamic model to forecast salinity load to the Colorado River due to urbanization within the Las Vegas Valley
AK Venkatesan, S Ahmad, W Johnson, JR Batista
Science of the Total Environment 409 (13), 2616-2625, 2011
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