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Dr. Neeraj Dhanraj Bokde
Dr. Neeraj Dhanraj Bokde
Senior Researcher - Energy Modelling
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Efficient pneumonia detection in chest xray images using deep transfer learning
MF Hashmi, S Katiyar, AG Keskar, ND Bokde, ZW Geem
Diagnostics 10 (6), 417, 2020
Groundwater level prediction using machine learning models: A comprehensive review
H Tao, MM Hameed, HA Marhoon, M Zounemat-Kermani, S Heddam, ...
Neurocomputing 489, 271-308, 2022
A review on hybrid empirical mode decomposition models for wind speed and wind power prediction
N Bokde, A Feijóo, D Villanueva, K Kulat
Energies 12 (2), 254, 2019
Investigations of object detection in images/videos using various deep learning techniques and embedded platforms—A comprehensive review
CB Murthy, MF Hashmi, ND Bokde, ZW Geem
Applied sciences 10 (9), 3280, 2020
A novel imputation methodology for time series based on pattern sequence forecasting
N Bokde, MW Beck, FM Álvarez, K Kulat
Pattern Recognition Letters 116, 88-96, 2018
Need of smart water systems in India
A Gupta, S Mishra, N Bokde, K Kulat
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 11 (4), 2216-2223, 2016
ForecastTB—An R package as a test-bench for time series forecasting—Application of wind speed and solar radiation modeling
ND Bokde, ZM Yaseen, GB Andersen
Energies 13 (10), 2578, 2020
An overview of demand response in smart grid and optimization techniques for efficient residential appliance scheduling problem
A Shewale, A Mokhade, N Funde, ND Bokde
Energies 13 (16), 4266, 2020
Smart water technology for efficient water resource management: A review
AD Gupta, P Pandey, A Feijóo, ZM Yaseen, ND Bokde
Energies 13 (23), 6268, 2020
A Comprehensive Review of Computer Vision in Sports: Open Issues, Future Trends and Research Directions
BT Naik, MF Hashmi, ND Bokde
Applied Sciences 12 (9), 4429, 2022
Hybridization of artificial intelligence models with nature inspired optimization algorithms for lake water level prediction and uncertainty analysis
M Ehteram, A Ferdowsi, M Faramarzpour, AMS Al-Janabi, N Al-Ansari, ...
Alexandria Engineering Journal 60 (2), 2193-2208, 2021
Short-term CO2 emissions forecasting based on decomposition approaches and its impact on electricity market scheduling
ND Bokde, B Tranberg, GB Andresen
Applied Energy 281, 116061, 2021
Analysis of differencing and decomposition preprocessing methods for wind speed prediction
N Bokde, A Feijóo, K Kulat
Applied Soft Computing 71, 926-938, 2018
Hybrid models for water demand forecasting
P Pandey, ND Bokde, S Dongre, R Gupta
Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 147 (2), 04020106, 2021
A review on state-of-the-art reviews in wind-turbine-and wind-farm-related topics
M Sawant, S Thakare, AP Rao, AE Feijóo-Lorenzo, ND Bokde
Energies 14 (8), 2041, 2021
PSF : Introduction to R Package for Pattern Sequence Based Forecasting Algorithm
N Bokde, G Asencio-Cortes, F Martínez-Álvarez, K Kulat
The R Journal 9 (1), 324--333, 2017
On the evaluation of the gradient tree boosting model for groundwater level forecasting
SR Naganna, BH Beyaztas, N Bokde, AM Armanuos
Knowledge-Based Engineering and Sciences 1 (01), 48-57, 2020
Photoacoustic imaging for management of breast cancer: A literature review and future perspectives
AP Rao, N Bokde, S Sinha
Applied Sciences 10 (3), 767, 2020
Leakage reduction in water distribution systems with efficient placement and control of pressure reducing valves using soft computing techniques
A Gupta, N Bokde, D Marathe, K Kulat
Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research 7 (2), 1528-1534, 2017
An exploratory analysis on visual counterfeits using conv-lstm hybrid architecture
MF Hashmi, BKK Ashish, AG Keskar, ND Bokde, JH Yoon, ZW Geem
IEEE Access 8, 101293-101308, 2020
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