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Binquan Li
Binquan Li
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Trích dẫn bởi
Least square support vector machine and multivariate adaptive regression splines for streamflow prediction in mountainous basin using hydro-meteorological data as inputs
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A data-driven SVR model for long-term runoff prediction and uncertainty analysis based on the Bayesian framework
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Combination of multiple data-driven models for long-term monthly runoff predictions based on Bayesian model averaging
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Using the SPEI to assess recent climate change in the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin, South Tibet
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Bayesian flood frequency analysis in the light of model and parameter uncertainties
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A multi-model integration method for monthly streamflow prediction: modified stacking ensemble strategy
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Comparison of LSSVR, M5RT, NF-GP, and NF-SC models for predictions of hourly wind speed and wind power based on cross-validation
RM Adnan, Z Liang, X Yuan, O Kisi, M Akhlaq, B Li
Energies 12 (2), 329, 2019
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Evaluation of drought and wetness episodes in a cold region (Northeast China) since 1898 with different drought indices
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Attribution analysis of runoff decline in a semiarid region of the Loess Plateau, China
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Comparison of parameter uncertainty analysis techniques for a TOPMODEL application
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Changes in streamflow and sediment for a planned large reservoir in the middle Yellow River
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New flood early warning and forecasting method based on similarity theory
Z Xiao, Z Liang, B Li, B Hou, Y Hu, J Wang
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 24 (8), 04019023, 2019
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