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M. Reza Rastan
M. Reza Rastan
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Trích dẫn bởi
Low-Reynolds-number flow around a wall-mounted square cylinder: Flow structures and onset of vortex shedding
MR Rastan, A Sohankar, MM Alam
Physics of Fluids 29 (10), 2017
Transition of wake flows past two circular or square cylinders in tandem
MR Rastan, MM Alam
Physics of Fluids 33 (8), 2021
The wake of a wall-mounted rectangular cylinder: Cross-sectional aspect ratio effect
MR Rastan, H Shahbazi, A Sohankar, MM Alam, Y Zhou
Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 213, 104615, 2021
Controlled flow over a finite square cylinder using suction and blowing
MR Rastan, A Sohankar, C Doolan, D Moreau, E Shirani, MM Alam
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 156, 410-434, 2019
Flow and heat transfer across two inline rotating cylinders: Effects of blockage, gap spacing, Reynolds number, and rotation direction
MR Rastan, A Sohankar, MM Alam
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 174, 121324, 2021
Onset of vortex shedding from a bluff body modified from square cylinder to normal flat plate
MR Rastan, MM Alam, H Zhu, C Ji
Ocean Engineering 244, 110393, 2022
Flow field around two tandem non-identical-height square buildings via LES
F Freidooni, A Sohankar, MR Rastan, E Shirani
Building and Environment 201, 107985, 2021
Experimental and numerical evaluation of wind-driven natural ventilation of a curved roof for various wind angles
MK Esfeh, A Sohankar, AR Shahsavari, MR Rastan, M Ghodrat, M Nili
Building and Environment 205, 108275, 2021
Modulation of aerodynamic characteristics of a finite wall-mounted square cylinder through steady jet injection
MR Rastan, A Sohankar, DJ Moreau, CJ Doolan, M Awasthi
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 112, 109976, 2020
An experimental study on flow over two finite wall-mounted square cylinders in a staggered arrangement
J Aboueian, A Sohankar, MR Rastan, M Ghodrat
Ocean Engineering 240, 109954, 2021
Airborne dust-induced performance degradation in NREL phase VI wind turbine: a numerical study
J Zare, SE Hosseini, MR Rastan
International Journal of Green Energy 21 (6), 1295-1314, 2024
High-Reynolds number flow around coated symmetrical hydrofoil: effect of streamwise slip on drag force and vortex structures
MR Rastan, S Foshat, S Sekhavat
Journal of Marine Science and Technology 24, 500-511, 2019
An LES study of the wake flow dynamics and heat transfer characteristics of two side-by-side finite wall-mounted square cylinders
A Sohankar, AR Bahmani, MR Rastan
Ocean Engineering 266 (4), 113104, 2022
Flows around two nonparallel tandem circular cylinders
MM Alam, MR Rastan, L Wang, Y Zhou
Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 220, 104870, 2022
Numerical Method to Predict Slip Length in Turbulent Channel Flow
NM Nouri, MR Rastan, S Sekhavat
Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics 9 (2), 2016
Onset of vortex shedding and hysteresis in flow over tandem sharp-edged cylinders of diverse cross sections
M Kouchakzad, A Sohankar, MR Rastan
Physics of Fluids 36 (1), 2024
Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Half-corrugated Channel Flow by Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Surfaces
MR Rastan
Journal of Computational Methods in Engineering 36 (2), 1-20, 2022
Turbulent wake of two non-identical-height tandem cantilevered prims: Sheltering effect
F Freidooni, A Sohankar, MR Rastan
Ocean Engineering 304, 117749, 2024
Performance Analysis of Channels in Adiabatic and Non-Adiabatic Spiral Plate Heat Exchangers: A Thermodynamic Study
AH Sabouri Shirazi, M Ghodrat, MR Rastan, F Salehi
Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications 14 (8), 081012, 2022
Pressure measurements on two finite wall-mounted square cylinders in a staggered arrangement
MR Rastan, J Aboueian, A Sohankar, MM Alam
The first International Symposium on Recent Advances in Vortex-Induced …, 2021
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