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Chu Anh My (Chu Anh Mỳ)
Chu Anh My (Chu Anh Mỳ)
Prof. (full), Le Quy Don Technical University
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
A novel differential kinematics model to compare the kinematic performances of 5-axis CNC machines
CA My, ELJ Bohez
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 163, 105117, 2019
On 5-axis freeform surface machining optimization: vector field clustering approach
M Chu, LJ Bohez Erik, S Makhanov Stanlislav, M Munlin, N Phien Huynh
International Journal of CAD/CAM 5 (1), 1-10, 2005
Integration of CAM systems into multi-axes computerized numerical control machines
2010 Second International Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering …, 2010
An efficient finite element formulation of dynamics for a flexible robot with different type of joints
CA My, DX Bien, CH Le, M Packianather
Mechanism and Machine Theory 134, 267-288, 2019
New algorithm to minimise kinematic tool path errors around 5-axis machining singular points
CA My, ELJ Bohez
International Journal of Production Research 54 (20), 5965-5975, 2016
Inverse kinematic control algorithm for a welding robot-positioner system to trace a 3D complex curve
CA My, DX Bien, BH Tung, LC Hieu, NV Cong, TV Hieu
2019 International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications …, 2019
Non-singular fractional approach for natural convection nanofluid with Damped thermal analysis and radiation
A Raza, I Khan, S Farid, CA My, A Khan, H Alotaibi
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 28, 101373, 2021
Novel robot arm design and implementation for hot forging press automation
CA My, CH Le, M Packianather, ELJ Bohez
International Journal of Production Research 57 (14), 4579-4593, 2019
New development of the dynamic modeling and the inverse dynamic analysis for flexible robot
CA My, DX Bien
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems 17 (4), 1729881420943341, 2020
A novel mathematical approach for finite element formulation of flexible robot dynamics
AM Chu, CD Nguyen, XB Duong, AV Nguyen, TA Nguyen, CH Le, ...
Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines 50 (11), 3747-3767, 2022
Challenges and conceptual framework to develop heavy-load manipulators for smart factories
CH Le, DT Le, D Arey, P Gheorghe, AM Chu, XB Duong, TT Nguyen, ...
International Journal of Mechatronics and Applied Mechanics 8 (2), 209-216, 2020
Cơ sở robot công nghiệp
NV Khang, CA Mỳ
Nhà xuất bản Giáo dục, Hà Nội, 2011
Modeling and computation of real-time applied torques and non-holonomic constraint forces/moment, and optimal design of wheels for an autonomous security robot tracking a …
CA My, SS Makhanov, NA Van, VM Duc
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 170, 300-315, 2020
Critical point analysis of 3D vector field for 5-axis tool path optimization
CA My, ELJ Bohez, SS Makhanov
Proceedings of the 4th asian conference on industrial automation and …, 2005
Kinematic and Dynamic Modelling for a Class of Hybrid Robots Composed of m Local Closed-Loop Linkages Appended to an n-Link Serial Manipulator
CA My, CD Nguyen, MH Vu, XB Duong, TA Nguyen, CH Le
Applied Sciences 10 (7), 2567, 2020
Kinematic and dynamic analysis of a serial manipulator with local closed loop mechanisms
CA My, VM Hoan
Vietnam J. Mech 41 (2), 141-155, 2019
Inverse dynamic of a N-links manipulator mounted on a wheeled mobile robot
2013 International Conference on Control, Automation and Information …, 2013
Mechanical design and dynamics modelling of RoPC Robot
IFToMM International Symposium on Robotics and Mechatronics, 21-23, 2009
The role of big data analytics and AI in smart manufacturing: An overview
Research in Intelligent and Computing in Engineering: Select Proceedings of …, 2021
New feed rate optimization formulation in a parametric domain for 5-axis milling robots
CA My, DX Bien, BH Tung, N Van Cong, LC Hieu
Advanced Computational Methods for Knowledge Engineering: Proceedings of the …, 2020
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