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Hassan Afzaal
Hassan Afzaal
Graduate Student
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Crop yield prediction through proximal sensing and machine learning algorithms
F Abbas, H Afzaal, AA Farooque, S Tang
Agronomy 10 (7), 1046, 2020
Groundwater estimation from major physical hydrology components using artificial neural networks and deep learning
H Afzaal, AA Farooque, F Abbas, B Acharya, T Esau
Water 12 (1), 5, 2019
Precision irrigation strategies for sustainable water budgeting of potato crop in Prince Edward Island
H Afzaal, AA Farooque, F Abbas, B Acharya, T Esau
Sustainability 12 (6), 2419, 2020
Computation of evapotranspiration with artificial intelligence for precision water resource management
H Afzaal, AA Farooque, F Abbas, B Acharya, T Esau
Applied Sciences 10 (5), 1621, 2020
Detection of a potato disease (early blight) using artificial intelligence
H Afzaal, AA Farooque, AW Schumann, N Hussain, A McKenzie-Gopsill, ...
Remote Sensing 13 (3), 411, 2021
Forecasting daily evapotranspiration using artificial neural networks for sustainable irrigation scheduling
AA Farooque, H Afzaal, F Abbas, M Bos, J Maqsood, X Wang, N Hussain
Irrigation Science, 1-15, 2022
Contribution of climate extremes to variation in potato tuber yield in Prince Edward Island
J Maqsood, AA Farooque, X Wang, F Abbas, B Acharya, H Afzaal
Sustainability 12 (12), 4937, 2020
Application of artificial neural networks to project reference evapotranspiration under climate change scenarios
J Maqsood, AA Farooque, F Abbas, T Esau, X Wang, B Acharya, H Afzaal
Water Resources Management, 1-17, 2022
Application of deep learning to detect Lamb’s quarters (Chenopodium album L.) in potato fields of Atlantic Canada
N Hussain, AA Farooque, AW Schumann, F Abbas, B Acharya, ...
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 182, 106040, 2021
Field evaluation of a deep learning-based smart variable-rate sprayer for targeted application of agrochemicals
AA Farooque, N Hussain, AW Schumann, F Abbas, H Afzaal, ...
Smart Agricultural Technology 3, 100073, 2023
Estimation of soil surface roughness using stereo vision approach
A Azizi, Y Abbaspour-Gilandeh, T Mesri-Gundoshmian, AA Farooque, ...
Sensors 21 (13), 4386, 2021
Homogeneity in patterns of climate extremes between two cities—A potential for flood planning in relation to climate change
F Abbas, AA Farooque, H Afzaal
Water 12 (3), 782, 2020
Red-green-blue to normalized difference vegetation index translation: a robust and inexpensive approach for vegetation monitoring using machine vision and generative …
AA Farooque, H Afzaal, R Benlamri, S Al-Naemi, E MacDonald, F Abbas, ...
Precision Agriculture 24 (3), 1097-1115, 2023
Statistical downscaling and projection of climatic extremes using machine learning algorithms
J Maqsood, H Afzaal, AA Farooque, F Abbas, X Wang, T Esau
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 153 (3), 1033-1047, 2023
Artificial neural modeling for precision agricultural water management practices
H Afzaal, AA Farooque, TJ Esau, AW Schumann, QU Zaman, F Abbas, ...
Precision Agriculture, 169-186, 2023
Accurate monitoring of micronutrients in tilled potato soils of eastern Canada: Application of an eXplainable inspired-adaptive boosting framework coupled with SelectKbest
M Jamei, M Ali, H Afzaal, M Karbasi, A Malik, AA Farooque, Z Haydar, ...
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 216, 108479, 2024
Mapping crop evapotranspiration with high-resolution imagery and meteorological data: insights into sustainable agriculture in Prince Edward Island
F Imtiaz, A Farooque, X Wang, F Abbas, H Afzaal, T Esau, B Acharya, ...
Frontiers in Remote Sensing 4, 1274019, 2023
Development of Decision Support Framework for Soil Conservation and Profitability Mapping using Drone Imagery
SHH Shah, E McDonald, SA Naemi, AA Farooque, SJ Cheema, H Afzaal, ...
Available at SSRN 4556017, 2023
Potential of unmanned aerial vehicles in estimation of plant health using infrared imagery
K McLeod, A Farooque, H Afzaal
2021 UPEI Undergraduate Research Days, 2021
Development of smart agriculture application to estimate real time crop water requirements in Prince Edward Island
E Kassa, A Farooque, H Afzaal
2021 UPEI Undergraduate Research Days, 2021
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