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Le Hoang Son
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Trích dẫn bởi
Generalized Picture Distance Measure and Applications to Picture Fuzzy Clustering
LH Son
Applied Soft Computing 46, 284–295, 2016
Dealing with the New User Cold-Start Problem in Recommender Systems: A Comparative Review
LH Son
Information Systems 58, 87–104, 2016
Performance evaluation of Botnet DDoS attack detection using machine learning
TA Tuan, HV Long, LH Son, R Kumar, I Priyadarshini, NTK Son
Evolutionary Intelligence 13 (2), 283-294, 2020
HIFCF: An Effective Hybrid Model between Picture Fuzzy Clustering and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Recommender Systems for Medical Diagnosis
NT Thong, LH Son
Expert Systems with Applications 42 (7), 3682–3701, 2015
A novel group decision making model based on neutrosophic sets for heart disease diagnosis
M Abdel-Basset, A Gamal, G Manogaran, LH Son, HV Long
Multimedia Tools and Applications 79, 9977–10002, 2020
DPFCM: A novel distributed picture fuzzy clustering method on picture fuzzy sets
LH Son
Expert Systems with Applications 42 (1), 51-66, 2015
Prediction of Shear Strength of Soft Soil Using Machine Learning Methods
PT Binh, LH Son, H Tuan-Anh, N Duc-Manh, BT Dieu
Catena 166, 181–191, 2018
Cosine Similarity Measures of Bipolar Neutrosophic Set for Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder Diseases
M Abdel-Basset, M Mohamed, M Elhoseny, LH Son, F Chiclana, ...
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 101, 101735 – 101747, 2019
A Novel Framework for Trash Classification Using Deep Transfer Learning
HV Anh, LH Son, TV Minh, L Tuong
IEEE Access 7, 178631 – 178639, 2019
A bipolar neutrosophic multi criteria decision making framework for professional selection
M Abdel-Basset, A Gamal, LH Son, F Smarandache
Applied Sciences 10 (4), 1202, 2020
Modeling Municipal Solid Waste Collection: A Generalized Vehicle Routing Model with Multiple Transfer Stations, Gather Sites and Inhomogeneous Vehicles in Time Windows
LH Son, L Amal
Waste Management 52, 34–49, 2016
Measuring Analogousness in Picture Fuzzy Sets: From Picture Distance Measures to Picture Association Measures
LH Son
Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making 16 (3), 359–378, 2017
H-max distance measure of intuitionistic fuzzy sets in decision making
RT Ngan, LH Son, BC Cuong, M Ali
Applied Soft Computing 69, 393 – 425, 2018
Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Networks by Hybrid Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm
K Singh, K Singh, LH Son, A Aziz
Computer Networks 138, 90-107, 2018
Picture inference system: a new fuzzy inference system on picture fuzzy set
LH Son, P Van Viet, P Van Hai
Applied Intelligence 46, 652-669, 2017
Intuitionistic fuzzy recommender systems: An effective tool for medical diagnosis
LH Son, NT Thong
Knowledge-Based Systems 74, 133-150, 2015
Bipolar Neutrosophic Soft Sets and Applications in Decision Making
M Ali, LH Son, I Deli, ND Tien
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems 33, 4077 – 4087, 2017
ARM-AMO: An Efficient Association Rule Mining Algorithm Based on Animal Migration Optimization
LH Son, F Chiclana, R Kumar, M Mittal, M Khari, JM Chatterjee, SW Baik
Knowledge-Based Systems 154, 68-80, 2018
HU-FCF: A Hybrid User-Based Fuzzy Collaborative Filtering Method in Recommender Systems
LH Son
Expert Systems with Applications 41 (15), 6861-6870, 2014
A New Representation of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Systems and Their Applications in Critical Decision Making
LH Son, RT Ngan, M Ali, H Fujita, M Abdel-Basset, NL Giang, ...
IEEE Intelligent Systems 35 (1), 6 - 17, 2020
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