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Abba Bashir
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Implementation of soft-computing models for prediction of flexural strength of pervious concrete hybridized with rice husk ash and calcium carbide waste
SI Malami, AA Musa, SI Haruna, UU Aliyu, AG Usman, MI Abdurrahman, ...
Modeling Earth Systems and Environment 8 (2), 1933-1947, 2022
Assessment of Water Quality Changes at Two Location of Yamuna River Using the National Sanitation Foundation of Water Quality (NSFWQI)
SI Abba, YS Said, A Bashir
Journal of Civil Engineering and Environmental Technology 2 (8), 730-33, 2015
Antioxidant, hypolipidemic and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory effects of flavonoid-rich fraction of Hyphaene thebaica (Doum Palm) fruits on fat-fed obese wistar rats
MA Abdulazeez, A Bashir, BS Adoyi, AZ Mustapha, B Kurfi, AY Usman, ...
hormones 14, 15, 2019
Analysis of Bamboo fibre reinforced beam
A Bashir, C Gupta, MA Abubakr, SI Abba
J. Steel Struct. Constr 4, 2-7, 2018
An overview of streamflow prediction using random forest algorithm
MM Jibril, A Bello, II Aminu, AS Ibrahim, A Bashir, SI Malami, MA Habibu, ...
GSC Advanced Research and Reviews 13 (1), 050-057, 2022
Performance analysis and control of wastewater treatment plant using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) and Multi-Linear Regression (MLR) techniques
OP Okeke, II Aminu, A Rotimi, MM Jibril, AS Ibrahim, A Bashir, SI Malami, ...
GSC Advanced Engineering and Technology 4 (2), 001-016, 2022
Bacteriological analysis of some locally processed cow milks in Bauchi Metropolis, Nigeria
A Bashir, AD Usman
International Journal of Pure Applied Science 2, 47-54, 2008
Comparison of Properties of Coarse Aggregate Obtained from Recycled Concrete with that of Conventional Coarse Aggregates
MAASIA Abba Bashir1, Chhavi gupta1
European Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology 5 (8), 628-637, 2018
High strength concrete compressive strength prediction using an evolutionary computational intelligence algorithm
MM Jibril, SI Malami, UJ Muhammad, A Bashir, AG Usman, BA Salami, ...
Asian Journal of Civil Engineering 24 (8), 3727-3741, 2023
The Effect of Garlic Extracts on Experimental Trypanosoma brucei brucei Infection of Rabbits.
FN Ojiegbu, MNO Enenebeaku, AO Olabode, AC Igwe, B Iliyasu, ...
Journal of Medical Laboratory Science 15 (2), 2006
Machine Learning: A Way to Smart Environment
AB A.M.Sunusi, Mukhtar Sabiu Yahuza
International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology 6 (10), 2021
Supervised machine learning for identification of glass properties: Towards structural Stability and performance
A Bashir, AT Terlumun, SI Malami, MM Jibril, AG Usman, S Hussain
Call for Paper January-February-2022
AM Abubakar, AS Maihula, MB Jibril, A Bashir
Artificial Neural Network for forecastingthe Initial Setting Time of Cement Pastes
MA Abubakar, AS Maihula, MB Jibril, A Bashir
Artificial Neural Network for forecasting the Initial Setting Time of Cement Pastes
AB M. A. Abubakar*, A.S. Maihula1, M.B. Jibril2
International Journal of Recent Engineering Science (IJRES) 6 (4), 15-19, 2019
Analysis Of Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beam
A Bashir
Multi-Input Attributes Scenarios Using Machine Learning Models: A Prediction of the Elastic Modulus of Concrete Containing Sawdust Ash Cured in NaCl Solution
SI Malami, IA Alhassan, AA Musa, BA Salami, UU Aliyu, AG Usman, ...
Available at SSRN 4484367, 0
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