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Rasoul Mirabbasi
Rasoul Mirabbasi
Tên khácرسول ميرعباسی نجف آبادی, Rasoul Mirabbasi Najafabadi, رسول میرعباسی
Associate Professor, Department of Water Engineering, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Bivariate drought frequency analysis using the copula method
R Mirabbasi, A Fakheri-Fard, Y Dinpashoh
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 108 (1), 191-206, 2012
Investigation of spatial and temporal variability of precipitation in Iran over the last half century
K Khalili, M Nazeri Tahoudi, R Mirabbasi, F Ahmadi
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Analysis of meteorological drought in northwest Iran using the Joint Deficit Index
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Effect of Short Term and Long-Term Persistence on Identification of Temporal Trends
Y Dinpashoh, R Mirabbasi, D Jhajharia, HZ Abianeh, A Mostafaeipour
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Trend analysis of rainfall time series for Sindh river basin in India
S Gajbhiye, C Meshram, R Mirabbasi, SK Sharma
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Evaluation of Irrigation Water Quality Using Fuzzy Logic
R Mirabbasi, SM Mazloumzadeh, MB Rahnama
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Spatiotemporal trend and abrupt change analysis of temperature in Iran
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Streamflow trend analysis by considering autocorrelation structure, long-term persistence, and Hurst coefficient in a semi-arid region of Iran
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Spatio-temporal analysis of daily, seasonal and annual precipitation concentration in Jharkhand state, India
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Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 43 (4), 1085-1097, 2018
Survey of different data-intelligent modeling strategies for forecasting air temperature using geographic information as model predictors
H Sanikhani, RC Deo, P Samui, O Kisi, C Mert, R Mirabbasi, S Gavili, ...
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Long-term temperature trend analysis associated with agriculture crops
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Monthly long-term rainfall estimation in Central India using M5Tree, MARS, LSSVR, ANN and GEP models
R Mirabbasi, O Kisi, H Sanikhani, S Gajbhiye Meshram
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Regional bivariate modeling of droughts using L-comoments and copulas
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Modeling Flood Event Characteristics Using D-vine Structures
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A New Method for Joint Frequency Analysis of Modified Precipitation Anomaly Percentage and Streamflow Drought Index Based on the Conditional Density of Copula Functions
M Nazeri Tahroudi, Y Ramezani, C De Michele, R Mirabbasi
Water Resources Management 34, 4217-4231, 2020
Parameter Estimation of Copula Functions Using an Optimization-Based Method
A Abdi, Y Hassanzadeh, S Talatahari, A Fakheri-Fard, R Mirabbasi
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Analyzing the Conditional Behavior of Rainfall Deficiency and Groundwater Level Deficiency Signatures by Using Copula Functions
M Nazeri Tahroudi, Y Ramezani, C De Michele, R Mirabbasi
Hydrology Research 51 (6), 1332-1348, 2020
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