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Techno-economic analysis and optimization of solar and wind energy systems for power generation and hydrogen production in Saudi Arabia
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Modeling and optimization of hybrid wind–solar-powered reverse osmosis water desalination system in Saudi Arabia
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Hydrogen production via using excess electric energy of an off-grid hybrid solar/wind system based on a novel performance indicator
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A review on the performance of photovoltaic/thermoelectric hybrid generators
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Performance enhancement of solar energy systems using nanofluids: An updated review
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Surfaces for self-cleaning
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A new study for hybrid PV/wind off-grid power generation systems with the comparison of results from homer
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Technoeconomic analysis and optimization of hybrid solar/wind/battery systems for a standalone house integrated with electric vehicle in Saudi Arabia
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Innovative design of a thermoelectric generator with extended and segmented pin configurations
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Overall performance assessment of a combined cycle power plant: an exergo-economic analysis
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RSC advances 9 (7), 3582-3596, 2019
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