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Khalil Ur Rahman
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Sustainable and economical small-scale and low-head hydropower generation: A promising alternative potential solution for energy generation at local and regional scale
KS Balkhair, KU Rahman
Applied Energy 188, 378-391, 2017
Quantitative assessment of regional land use and climate change impact on runoff across Gilgit watershed
M Shahid, KU Rahman, S Haider, HF Gabriel, AJ Khan, QB Pham, ...
Environmental Earth Sciences 80, 1-18, 2021
Hydrological evaluation of merged satellite precipitation datasets for streamflow simulation using SWAT: a case study of Potohar Plateau, Pakistan
KU Rahman, S Shang, M Shahid, Y Wen
Journal of Hydrology 587, 125040, 2020
Development and assessment of rainwater harvesting suitability map using analytical hierarchy process, GIS and RS techniques
KS Balkhair, KU Rahman
Geocarto International, 2019
A novel approach for predicting daily pan evaporation in the coastal regions of Iran using support vector regression coupled with krill herd algorithm model
NTTLDQT Yiqing Guan, Babak Mohammadi, Quoc Bao Pham, S. Adarsh, Khaled S ...
Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 2020
Performance assessment of SM2RAIN-CCI and SM2RAIN-ASCAT precipitation products over Pakistan
KU Rahman, S Shang, M Shahid, Y Wen
Remote Sensing 11 (17), 2040, 2019
Sub-catchments flow losses computation using Muskingum–Cunge routing method and HEC-HMS GIS based techniques, case study of Wadi Al-Lith, Saudi Arabia
KU Rahman, KS Balkhair, M Almazroui, A Masood
Modeling Earth Systems and Environment 3, 1-9, 2017
Identifying the annual and seasonal trends of hydrological and climatic variables in the Indus Basin Pakistan
M Shahid, KU Rahman
Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences 57, 191-205, 2021
Developing an ensemble precipitation algorithm from satellite products and its topographical and seasonal evaluations over Pakistan
KU Rahman, S Shang, M Shahid, J Li
Remote Sensing 10 (11), 1835, 2018
Impact assessment of land use and climate changes on the variation of runoff in Margalla Hills watersheds, Pakistan
M Shahid, KU Rahman, KS Balkhair, A Nabi
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 13 (5), 239, 2020
A semi-distributed drainage model for monthly drainage water and salinity simulation in a large irrigation district in arid region
Y Wen, S Shang, KU Rahman, Y Xia, D Ren
Agricultural water management 230, 105962, 2020
Application of a dynamic clustered bayesian model averaging (DCBA) algorithm for merging multisatellite precipitation products over Pakistan
KU Rahman, S Shang, M Shahid, Y Wen, Z Khan
Journal of Hydrometeorology 21 (1), 17-37, 2020
Comparison of machine learning and process-based SWAT model in simulating streamflow in the Upper Indus Basin
KU Rahman, QB Pham, KZ Jadoon, M Shahid, DP Kushwaha, Z Duan, ...
Applied water science 12 (8), 178, 2022
Assessment of merged satellite precipitation datasets in monitoring meteorological drought over Pakistan
KU Rahman, S Shang, M Zohaib
Remote Sensing 13 (9), 1662, 2021
An appraisal of dynamic bayesian model averaging-based merged multi-satellite precipitation datasets over complex topography and the diverse climate of Pakistan
K Ur Rahman, S Shang, M Shahid, Y Wen
Remote Sensing 12 (1), 10, 2019
Sentinel‐1 remote sensing data and Hydrologic Engineering Centres River Analysis System two‐dimensional integration for flash flood detection and modelling in New Cairo City, Egypt
I Elkhrachy, QB Pham, R Costache, M Mohajane, KU Rahman, H Shahabi, ...
Journal of Flood Risk Management 14 (2), e12692, 2021
Pre-constrained machine learning method for multi-year mapping of three major crops in a large irrigation district
Y Wen, S Shang, KU Rahman
Remote Sensing 11 (3), 242, 2019
Simulation-based optimization for spatiotemporal allocation of irrigation water in arid region
J Li, S Shang, H Jiang, J Song, KU Rahman, AJ Adeloye
Agricultural Water Management 254, 106952, 2021
Flood prediction based on climatic signals using wavelet neural network
NTT Linh, H Ruigar, S Golian, GT Bawoke, V Gupta, KU Rahman, ...
Acta Geophysica 69 (4), 1413-1426, 2021
Assessing the potential and hydrological usefulness of the CHIRPS precipitation dataset over a complex topography in Pakistan
M Shahid, KU Rahman, S Haider, HF Gabriel, AJ Khan, QB Pham, ...
Hydrological Sciences Journal 66 (11), 1664-1684, 2021
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