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Victor Christianto
Victor Christianto
Lecturer at Ekklesia Advanced School of Theology; visit Apocalypse TV / ApocalypseTV
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Trích dẫn bởi
Towards understanding the algorithms for solving the Navier–Stokes equations
SV Ershkov, EY Prosviryakov, NV Burmasheva, V Christianto
Fluid Dynamics Research 53 (4), 044501, 2021
An exact mapping from Navier-Stokes equation to Schrodinger equation via Riccati equation
V Christianto, F SmarandacheO
A Journey into Quantization in Astrophysics: A collection of scientific …, 2013
Three possible applications of neutrosophic logic in fundamental and applied sciences
V Christianto, RN Boyd, F Smarandache
Infinite Study, 2020
A review of seven applications of neutrosophic logic: in cultural psychology, economics theorizing, conflict resolution, philosophy of science, etc.
V Christianto, F Smarandache
J 2 (2), 128-137, 2019
A derivation of Maxwell equations in Quaternion Space
V Chrisitianto, F Smarandache
Infinite Study, 2010
A Review of Schrödinger Equation and Classical Wave Equation
V Christianto
Prespacetime Journal 5 (5), 2014
Solving Numerically Ermakov-type Equation for Newtonian Cosmology Model with Vortex
V Christianto, F Smarandache, Y Umniyati
Infinite Study, 2017
An outline of cosmology based on interpretation of The Johannine Prologue
V Christianto
Christology Reloaded 5 (5), 1, 2014
A Cantorian Superfluid Vortex and the quantization of Planetary motion
V Christianto
Quantization and Discretization at Large Scales 11 (1), 112, 2012
Comparison of predictions of planetary quantization and implications of the Sedna finding
V Christianto
A Journey into Quantization in Astrophysics: A collection of scientific …, 2013
Schrödinger equation and the quantization of celestial systems
F Smarandache, V Christianto
A Journey into Quantization in Astrophysics, 11, 2013
About analytical ansatz to the solving procedure for Kelvin–Kirchhoff equations
SV Ershkov, V Christianto, RV Shamin, AR Giniyatullin
European Journal of Mechanics-B/Fluids 79, 87-91, 2020
On Plausible Role of Classical Electromagnetic Theory and Submicroscopic Physics to understand and enhance Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR): A Preliminary Review
V Christianto, Y Umniyati, V Krasnoholovets
Victor Christianto| Florentin Smarandache, 176, 2018
Numerical solution of radial biquaternion Klein-Gordon equation
V Christianto, F Smarandache
Hadron models and related New Energy issues, 220, 2007
On the origin of macroquantization in astrophysics and celestial motion (Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie, Volume 31, no 1, 2006)
V Christianto
Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie 31 (1), 31-43, 2006
A Theo-Cymatic Reading of Prolegomena of St. John's Gospel
V Christianto
Scientific GOD Journal 8 (4), 2017
A Possible Route to Navier-Stokes Cosmology on Cantor Sets
V Christianto
Prespacetime Journal 6 (8), 2015
Less mundane explanation of Pioneer anomaly from Q-relativity
F Smarandache, V Christianto
A Journey into Quantization in Astrophysics: A collection of scientific …, 2013
A note on computer solution of wireless Energy transmit via Magnetic Resonance
V Christianto, F Smarandache
Collected Papers. Volume XI: On Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Health …, 2022
Four Possible Applications of a Navier-Stokes Cosmology
V Christianto
Prespacetime Journal 6 (11), 2015
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