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Farzad Pourfattah
Farzad Pourfattah
Senior Research Scholar; SUSTech -Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering, Energy conversion
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Effect of sonication characteristics on stability, thermophysical properties, and heat transfer of nanofluids: A comprehensive review
A Asadi, F Pourfattah, IM Szilágyi, M Afrand, G Żyła, HS Ahn, ...
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 58, 104701, 2019
The numerical modeling of water/FMWCNT nanofluid flow and heat transfer in a backward-facing contracting channel
AAAA Alrashed, OA Akbari, A Heydari, D Toghraie, M Zarringhalam, ...
Physica B: Condensed Matter 537, 176-183, 2018
Recent advances in preparation methods and thermophysical properties of oil-based nanofluids: A state-of-the-art review
A Asadi, S Aberoumand, A Moradikazerouni, F Pourfattah, G Żyła, ...
Powder technology 352, 209-226, 2019
The effect of aspect ratios of rib on the heat transfer and laminar water/TiO2 nanofluid flow in a two-dimensional rectangular microchannel
Q Gravndyan, OA Akbari, D Toghraie, A Marzban, R Mashayekhi, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 236, 254-265, 2017
Numerical investigation of flow and heat transfer characteristics in smooth, sinusoidal and zigzag-shaped microchannel with and without nanofluid
D Toghraie, MMD Abdollah, F Pourfattah, OA Akbari, B Ruhani
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 131 (2), 1757-1766, 2018
Effect of twisted-tape inserts and nanofluid on flow field and heat transfer characteristics in a tube
W He, D Toghraie, A Lotfipour, F Pourfattah, A Karimipour, M Afrand
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 110, 104440, 2020
The numerical investigation of angle of attack of inclined rectangular rib on the turbulent heat transfer of Water-Al2O3 nanofluid in a tube
F Pourfattah, M Motamedian, G Sheikhzadeh, D Toghraie, OA Akbari
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 131, 1106-1116, 2017
Simultaneous investigations the effects of non-Newtonian nanofluid flow in different volume fractions of solid nanoparticles with slip and no-slip boundary conditions
AR Rahmati, OA Akbari, A Marzban, D Toghraie, R Karimi, F Pourfattah
Thermal Science and Engineering Progress 5, 263-277, 2018
The numerical investigation of heat transfer and pressure drop of turbulent flow in a triangular microchannel
O Rezaei, OA Akbari, A Marzban, D Toghraie, F Pourfattah, R Mashayekhi
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 93, 179-189, 2017
Turbulent flow and heat transfer of Water/Al2O3 nanofluid inside a rectangular ribbed channel
M Parsaiemehr, F Pourfattah, OA Akbari, D Toghraie, G Sheikhzadeh
Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 96, 73-84, 2018
Numerical investigation of turbulent flow and heat transfer of nanofluid inside a wavy microchannel with different wavelengths
H Bazdar, D Toghraie, F Pourfattah, OA Akbari, HM Nguyen, A Asadi
Journal of Thermal Analysis and calorimetry 139 (3), 2365-2380, 2020
The effect of using water/CuO nanofluid and L-shaped porous ribs on the performance evaluation criterion of microchannels
D Toghraie, M Mahmoudi, OA Akbari, F Pourfattah, M Heydari
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 1-15, 2018
Heat transfer performance of two oil-based nanofluids containing ZnO and MgO nanoparticles; a comparative experimental investigation
A Asadi, F Pourfattah
Powder Technology 343, 296-308, 2019
On the thermal characteristics of a manifold microchannel heat sink subjected to nanofluid using two-phase flow simulation
F Pourfattah, AAA Arani, MR Babaie, HM Nguyen, A Asadi
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 143, 118518, 2019
A numerical investigation on the effects of mixed convection of Ag-water nanofluid inside a sim-circular lid-driven cavity on the temperature of an electronic silicon chip
M Hadavand, S Yousefzadeh, OA Akbari, F Pourfattah, HM Nguyen, ...
Applied Thermal Engineering 162, 114298, 2019
On the thermal performance of a fractal microchannel subjected to water and kerosene carbon nanotube nanofluid
Z Lyu, F Pourfattah, AAA Arani, A Asadi, LK Foong
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 7243, 2020
Effects of external wind breakers of Heller dry cooling system in power plants
AR Seifi, OA Akbari, AAAA Alrashed, F Afshary, GAS Shabani, R Seifi, ...
Applied Thermal Engineering 129, 1124-1134, 2018
Thermal management of a power electronic module employing a novel multi-micro nozzle liquid-based cooling system: a numerical study
F Pourfattah, M Sabzpooshani
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 147, 118928, 2020
Natural convection heat transfer enhancement of different nanofluids by adding dimple fins on a vertical channel wall
M Gholami, MR Nazari, MH Talebi, F Pourfattah, OA Akbari, D Toghraie
Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering 28 (3), 643-659, 2020
Numerical investigation of the effect of water/Al2O3 nanofluid on heat transfer in trapezoidal, sinusoidal and stepped microchannels
V Jaferian, D Toghraie, F Pourfattah, OA Akbari, P Talebizadehsardari
International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow 30 (5 …, 2020
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