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Masoud Karbasi
Masoud Karbasi
PostDoc Research Associate at UPEI, Canada; Associate Professor University of Zanjan
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Forecasting of multi-step ahead reference evapotranspiration using wavelet-Gaussian process regression model
M Karbasi
Water resources management 32, 1035-1052, 2018
On the assessment of specific heat capacity of nanofluids for solar energy applications: Application of Gaussian process regression (GPR) approach
M Jamei, I Ahmadianfar, IA Olumegbon, M Karbasi, A Asadi
Journal of Energy Storage 33, 102067, 2021
Developing GPR model for forecasting the rock fragmentation in surface mines
W Gao, M Karbasi, M Hasanipanah, X Zhang, J Guo
Engineering with Computers 34, 339-345, 2018
Simulation of seepage flow through embankment dam by using a novel extended Kalman filter based neural network paradigm: Case study of Fontaine Gazelles Dam, Algeria
I Rehamnia, B Benlaoukli, M Jamei, M Karbasi, A Malik
Measurement 176, 109219, 2021
Application of Gaussian process regression model to predict discharge coefficient of Gated Piano Key Weir
M Akbari, F Salmasi, H Arvanaghi, M Karbasi, D Farsadizadeh
Water Resources Management 33, 3929-3947, 2019
On the specific heat capacity estimation of metal oxide-based nanofluid for energy perspective–A comprehensive assessment of data analysis techniques
M Jamei, I Ahmadianfar, IA Olumegbon, A Asadi, M Karbasi, Z Said, ...
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 123, 105217, 2021
On the thermal conductivity assessment of oil-based hybrid nanofluids using extended Kalman filter integrated with feed-forward neural network
M Jamei, IA Olumegbon, M Karbasi, I Ahmadianfar, A Asadi, ...
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 172, 121159, 2021
Application of Gaussian process regression to forecast multi-step ahead SPEI drought index
P Ghasemi, M Karbasi, AZ Nouri, MS Tabrizi, HM Azamathulla
Alexandria Engineering Journal 60 (6), 5375-5392, 2021
Specific heat capacity of molten salt-based nanofluids in solar thermal applications: A paradigm of two modern ensemble machine learning methods
M Jamei, M Karbasi, IA Olumegbon, M Mosharaf-Dehkordi, I Ahmadianfar, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 335, 116434, 2021
Development of a novel soft-computing framework for the simulation aims: a case study
W Gao, M Karbasi, AM Derakhsh, A Jalili
Engineering with Computers 35, 315-322, 2019
Application of a modern multi-level ensemble approach for the estimation of critical shear stress in cohesive sediment mixture
UK Singh, M Jamei, M Karbasi, A Malik, M Pandey
Journal of Hydrology 607, 127549, 2022
Prediction of flyrock induced by mine blasting using a novel kernel-based extreme learning machine
M Jamei, M Hasanipanah, M Karbasi, I Ahmadianfar, S Taherifar
Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering 13 (6), 1438-1451, 2021
Prediction of maximum scour depth near spur dikes in uniform bed sediment using stacked generalization ensemble tree-based frameworks
M Pandey, M Jamei, M Karbasi, I Ahmadianfar, X Chu
Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 147 (11), 04021050, 2021
GEP to predict characteristics of a hydraulic jump over a rough bed
M Karbasi, HM Azamathulla
KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 20, 3006-3011, 2016
Estimating the density of hybrid nanofluids for thermal energy application: Application of non-parametric and evolutionary polynomial regression data-intelligent techniques
M Jamei, M Karbasi, M Mosharaf-Dehkordi, IA Olumegbon, L Abualigah, ...
Measurement 189, 110524, 2022
Forecasting weekly reference evapotranspiration using Auto Encoder Decoder Bidirectional LSTM model hybridized with a Boruta-CatBoost input optimizer
M Karbasi, M Jamei, M Ali, A Malik, ZM Yaseen
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 198, 107121, 2022
Assessment of scouring around spur dike in cohesive sediment mixtures: A comparative study on three rigorous machine learning models
M Pandey, M Jamei, I Ahmadianfar, M Karbasi, AS Lodhi, X Chu
Journal of Hydrology 606, 127330, 2022
Effects of bed-load movement on flow resistance over bed forms
MH Omid, M Karbasi, J Farhoudi
Sadhana 35, 681-691, 2010
A novel boosting ensemble committee-based model for local scour depth around non-uniformly spaced pile groups
I Ahmadianfar, M Jamei, M Karbasi, A Sharafati, B Gharabaghi
Engineering with Computers 38 (4), 3439-3461, 2022
Experimental evaluation and development of predictive models for rheological behavior of aqueous Fe3O4 ferrofluid in the presence of an external magnetic field by introducing a …
A Shahsavar, M Jamei, M Karbasi
Powder Technology 393, 1-11, 2021
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