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Dr. Virendra Kumar Yadav
Dr. Virendra Kumar Yadav
INTI University, Malayasia
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
A review on municipal solid waste as a renewable source for waste-to-energy project in India: Current practices, challenges, and future opportunities
LC Malav, KK Yadav, N Gupta, S Kumar, GK Sharma, S Krishnan, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 277, 123227, 2020
Synthesis and characterization of amorphous iron oxide nanoparticles by the sonochemical method and their application for the remediation of heavy metals from wastewater
VK Yadav, D Ali, SH Khan, G Gnanamoorthy, N Choudhary, KK Yadav, ...
Nanomaterials 10 (8), 1551, 2020
Advances in the methods for the synthesis of carbon dots and their emerging applications
A Khayal, V Dawane, MA Amin, V Tirth, VK Yadav, A Algahtani, SH Khan, ...
Polymers 13 (18), 3190, 2021
Agro-nanotechnology as an emerging field: a novel sustainable approach for improving plant growth by reducing biotic stress
M Khan, AU Khan, MA Hasan, KK Yadav, MMC Pinto, N Malik, VK Yadav, ...
Applied Sciences 11 (5), 2282, 2021
Seaweed-based molecules and their potential biological activities: An eco-sustainable cosmetics
HS Kalasariya, VK Yadav, KK Yadav, V Tirth, A Algahtani, S Islam, ...
Molecules 26 (17), 5313, 2021
Recent trends in fascinating applications of nanotechnology in allied health sciences
S Modi, R Prajapati, GK Inwati, N Deepa, V Tirth, VK Yadav, KK Yadav, ...
Crystals 12 (1), 39, 2021
Green synthesis and characterization of amorphous silica nanoparticles from fly ash
VK Yadav, MH Fulekar
Materials Today: Proceedings 18, 4351-4359, 2019
Biogenic synthesis of maghemite nanoparticles (γ-Fe2O3) using Tridax leaf extract and its application for removal of fly ash heavy metals (Pb, Cd)
VK Yadav, MH Fulekar
Materials Today: Proceedings 5 (9), 20704-20710, 2018
Removal of cadmium and chromium by mixture of silver nanoparticles and nano-fibrillated cellulose isolated from waste peels of citrus sinensis
N Tavker, VK Yadav, KK Yadav, MMS Cabral-Pinto, J Alam, AK Shukla, ...
Polymers 13 (2), 234, 2021
Advances in methods for recovery of ferrous, alumina, and silica nanoparticles from fly ash waste
VK Yadav, MH Fulekar
Ceramics 3 (3), 384-420, 2020
Enhanced photocatalytic performance of ZnSnO3/rGO nanocomposite
G Gnanamoorthy, VK Yadav, D Latha, V Karthikeyan, V Narayanan
Chemical Physics Letters 739, 137050, 2020
Recent advances in synthesis and degradation of lignin and lignin nanoparticles and their emerging applications in nanotechnology
VK Yadav, N Gupta, P Kumar, MG Dashti, V Tirth, SH Khan, KK Yadav, ...
Materials 15 (3), 953, 2022
The processing of calcium rich agricultural and industrial waste for recovery of calcium carbonate and calcium oxide and their application for environmental cleanup: A review
VK Yadav, KK Yadav, MMS Cabral-Pinto, N Choudhary, G Gnanamoorthy, ...
Applied Sciences 11 (9), 4212, 2021
The state of the art and emerging trends in the wastewater treatment in developing nations
S Bijekar, HD Padariya, VK Yadav, A Gacem, MA Hasan, NS Awwad, ...
Water 14 (16), 2537, 2022
Emerging trends in the remediation of persistent organic pollutants using nanomaterials and related processes: A review
S Boulkhessaim, A Gacem, SH Khan, A Amari, VK Yadav, HN Harharah, ...
Nanomaterials 12 (13), 2148, 2022
The current scenario of thermal power plants and fly ash: Production and utilization with a focus in India
VK Yadav, MH Fulekar
Int. J. Adv. Eng. Res. Dev 5, 768-777, 2018
Recent and emerging trends in remediation of methylene blue dye from wastewater by using zinc oxide nanoparticles
S Modi, VK Yadav, A Gacem, IH Ali, D Dave, SH Khan, KK Yadav, ...
Water 14 (11), 1749, 2022
A novel synthesis and characterization of polyhedral shaped amorphous iron oxide nanoparticles from incense sticks ash waste
VK Yadav, KK Yadav, G Gnanamoorthy, N Choudhary, SH Khan, N Gupta, ...
Environmental Technology & Innovation 20, 101089, 2020
A recent and systemic approach towards microbial biodegradation of dyes from textile industries
H Patel, VK Yadav, KK Yadav, N Choudhary, H Kalasariya, MM Alam, ...
Water 14 (19), 3163, 2022
Variations and similarities in structural, chemical, and elemental properties on the ashes derived from the coal due to their combustion in open and controlled manner
VK Yadav, G Gnanamoorthy, MMS Cabral-Pinto, J Alam, M Ahamed, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28, 32609-32625, 2021
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