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Anh-Duc Pham
Anh-Duc Pham
The University of Da-nang - University of Science and Technology
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Machine learning in concrete strength simulations: Multi-nation data analytics
JS Chou, CF Tsai, AD Pham, YH Lu
Construction and Building materials 73, 771-780, 2014
Enhanced artificial intelligence for ensemble approach to predicting high performance concrete compressive strength
JS Chou, AD Pham
Construction and Building Materials 49, 554-563, 2013
Predicting energy consumption in multiple buildings using machine learning for improving energy efficiency and sustainability
AD Pham, NT Ngo, TTH Truong, NT Huynh, NS Truong
Journal of Cleaner Production 260, 121082, 2020
Optimizing parameters of support vector machine using fast messy genetic algorithm for dispute classification
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Expert Systems with Applications 41 (8), 3955-3964, 2014
Bidding strategy to support decision-making by integrating fuzzy AHP and regression-based simulation
JS Chou, AD Pham, H Wang
Automation in Construction 35, 517-527, 2013
Smart Artificial Firefly Colony Algorithm‐Based Support Vector Regression for Enhanced Forecasting in Civil Engineering
JS Chou, AD Pham
Computer‐Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, 2015
Predicting compressive strength of high-performance concrete using metaheuristic-optimized least squares support vector regression
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Hybrid artificial intelligence approach based on metaheuristic and machine learning for slope stability assessment: A multinational data analysis
ND Hoang, AD Pham
Expert Systems with Applications 46, 60-68, 2016
Estimating compressive strength of high performance concrete with Gaussian process regression model
ND Hoang, AD Pham, QL Nguyen, QN Pham
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Shear strength prediction in reinforced concrete deep beams using nature-inspired metaheuristic support vector regression
JS Chou, NT Ngo, AD Pham
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Optimized artificial intelligence models for predicting project award price
JS Chou, CW Lin, AD Pham, JY Shao
Automation in construction 54, 106-115, 2015
Project management knowledge of construction professionals: Cross-country study of effects on project success
JS Chou, N Irawan, AD Pham
Journal of construction engineering and management 139 (11), 04013015, 2013
Nature-inspired metaheuristic optimization in least squares support vector regression for obtaining bridge scour information
JS Chou, AD Pham
Information Sciences 399, 64-80, 2017
Opposition multiple objective symbiotic organisms search (OMOSOS) for time, cost, quality and work continuity tradeoff in repetitive projects
DH Tran, L Luong-Duc, MT Duong, TN Le, AD Pham
Journal of Computational Design and Engineering 5 (2), 160-172, 2018
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Hybrid machine learning for predicting strength of sustainable concrete
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Soft Computing 24 (19), 14965-14980, 2020
Estimating concrete workability based on slump test with least squares support vector regression
ND Hoang, AD Pham
Journal of construction engineering 2016 (1), 5089683, 2016
Proposing a hybrid metaheuristic optimization algorithm and machine learning model for energy use forecast in non-residential buildings
NT Ngo, TTH Truong, NS Truong, AD Pham, NT Huynh, TM Pham, ...
Scientific Reports 12, 1065 (2022), 2022
Hybrid computational model for predicting bridge scour depth near piers and abutments
JS Chou, AD Pham
Automation in Construction 48, 88-96, 2014
Using Fuzzy Clustering Chaotic-based Differential Evolution to solve multiple resources leveling in the multiple projects scheduling problem
DH Tran, MY Cheng, AD Pham
Alexandria Engineering Journal 55 (2), 1541-1552, 2016
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